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Showbiz News Intrigues gives you the latest Filipino showbiz buzz, news, and what’s trending on entertainment industry like film, music, and theater. We started just recently, but we already have 180 followers for just few weeks and counting. We also go to events like press conference, conventions, and film/music festivals, and write articles/PR about them.

We collaborated with local companies and production houses like Above Aesthetics, TEAM, Dental First, and Throycath Travel and Tours Agency. 


  • Sponsored posts
  • Product placement
  • Banner ads
  • Public Releases
  • Social Media posts/ads
  • Video and Photo Opportunity
  • Event and Travel


  • 48% Women
  • 52% Men
  • 75% Ages 18-45
  • 85% Philippines


  • Above Aesthetics
  • Throycath Travel and Tours Agency
  • Dental First
  • TEAM