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Showbiz News Intrigues gives you the latest Filipino showbiz buzz, news, and what’s trending on entertainment industry like film, music, and theater.

Showbiz News Intrigues was created by the entertainment columnist Throy Catan and his news contributor, Jo-Marie Bala.




throy Catan

Throy Catan is no stranger in media. He’s a showbiz reporter and talent manager since 1997. His articles are regularly published in Remate, People’s Balita, Toro and Pinoy Parazzi. From 2000-2003, he was a former showbiz anchor in DZME Radio.


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Jo-Marie Bala was graduated in Polytechnic University of the Philippines major in Broadcast Communication. She’s a cinephile and always into know about what’s happening in films and TV series. Right now, she’s writing for Showbiz News Intrigues.