A lot of music videos or political jingles as they say it in the world of advertising are now awash in all the surfaces of the social media platforms.

Lording over the singing warriors for the coming 2022 election sounding like some frenzied war trumpeters thrown into an undetermined battleground is Freddie Aguilar with his newly released music video stamped “Lider BBM 2022.”

This prompted one “Marites” (an argot for “ Mare anong latest?” ) to squeak, “ Has Ka Freddie turned his back around finally from Pres. Digong?” I also wondered, but reading through the lyrics that took potshots at the present administration made me deduce the country’s iconic folk singer and a well-known supporter of Pres. Rodrigo Roa-Duterte has indeed turned 180 degrees. And by equation, he is now definitely a BBM’s gain!

In said music video, Freddie on his guitar sang from his own composition the song in his most passionate moving voice and mood ever as if it was his last.

Caveat got to preview the song in particular through the USB of director Dave C. Cecilio who got me to cover with him a weekend event regularly held at the activity center of the upscale Seascape Village, beside Sofitel Phil. Plaza Manila.

The event’s soundstage was provided by Madame Imelda of Yatai Asian Cuisine famous for its exquisite food choices and their smiling retinue of courtly food servers at your arm’s length.

Freddie’s song was played over and over again on the state-0f-the art video wall with the rest of the moral-boosting pro BBM-SARA playlists that included some fresh, and gut-appealing documentaries and insightful testimonials from warm bodies of campaign managers who gathered together to mutually check on the progress and trending thus far of their preliminary campaign initiatives at hand.

Last Saturday’s event was particularly memorable. It occasioned the momentous oath taking ceremony for all BBM-SARA political party campaign managers coming from all regions throughout the country including sectoral representatives from abroad.

Said ceremony with avid campaign managers and supporters in full attendance of over a thousand sparkling faces was presided by Jonathan “Atan” Bocaling, National Chairman of BBM- SARA party and the brainer, founder-inventor of “BBM 2.0” application. Said app was earlier launched at the same venue the other Saturday.

A creative, and innovative work of genius from Jonathan Bocaling himself, this app in particular has the capacity and power much like a feeling and loving human algorithm to monitor and keep track of the ever-growing and mounting BBM-SARA supporters and loyalists in the country, and throughout the globe.

This also included a master list of volunteer campaign managers overseas who were specifically tasked to administer their respective “BBM 2.0” app.

Proxied names of said representatives from abroad as campaign managers in their respective areas of concern who were officially inducted on behalf of the following names included Berlito Toots Capulong, & Gloria Espiritu— JAPAN; Viola Oronos-Riva, & Jigger Ferrer-David—ITALY; Ed Samson, Rowel Ebora, & Roger Parajes — LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA; Miguel Braganza, Rommel Rico, & Carmelo Soberano — NEW YORK, etc.

As in the past Saturdays, the recent one was as usual made more edgy and riotous by the event’s rousing host oozing with sex appeal Sex Bomb dance artist and socmed influencer Louise Jane Bolton with charming co-host actor-singer half-Pinoy Takayuki Sakamoto aka “Yuki” of “Bidaman” fame.

Aside from co-hosting, the two also performed to the hilt — Louise did an adrenalin-raising sexy dance number and Yuki belted “Isang Sulyap,” a rap cover that made it to Spotify and was reviewed by the PMPC Star Awards for Music.

Look-alike of world famous Henry Santos with his back-up dancers, Myls Bovis and Hazel Ann Lausa, wired-up the audience in the palm of his hand who amazingly chanted with him an infectious feverish BBM moral boosting slogan cleverly weaved into the world-famous repertoire of its original Fil-Am creator.

Surprisingly, actor DJ Durano popped up to make public his all-out support for BBM-SARA alongside child star-singer Azalea and veteran singer-self-confessed BBM loyalist Baby Shake who all did stirring song numbers for the stimulated audience as well.

To this time many were delighted no end with Freddie Aguilar’s vicarious singing presence at Jonathan Bocaling’s oath-taking ceremony. Next Saturday director Dave and I might just bundle off the rest of the BBM-SARA actors-supporters in the country led by Elizabeth Oropesa including her student in painting and Phil. Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Music Grand Champion -actor-singer-painter Zyruz Imperial whose leading lady in his launching film was Mocha Uson; and maybe Vivian Velez, the current Director General of the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) to come together for another engaging encounter.

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