BY: Pilar Mateo

ACTRESS Heart Evangelista can be described as a fashionista who wields her magic wand excellently to get into the vibe of whatever product she is endorsing.

Her take, “One of the most important things I learned as an adult was to manage my money and investments wisely. It’s actually best to learn how while we’re still young, so we can live our best life. Watch and learn how you can invest with Manulife Investment Management, my trusted partner in wealth management. @manulifeph”

A sound advice for one’s take on prosperity.

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/UZmzA8k5WTU

#ManulifeMoneyMatters #UITF #investing #InvestwithManulifeIM

And her Daily mantra is “Every day may not always be good, but there’s always something good every day. Keep smiling, the world deserves to know how great you are! 💙Don’t forget to have your @perfectsmileofficialph products to maintain your oral health. Shop now because they’re on sale. @watsonsph @shopsmph

For her best and perfect smile.

#PerfectSmile #PerfectSmilePh #WatsonsPh

And now, as Celeste in the coming Primetime Bida Serye of GMA-7, Heart will be able to showcase her spirit as a fashion designer in her role. Caught between her true love and real love.

Executive producer Redgynn Alba was almost in tears when she thanked the cast and the whole production for mounting such a big project in “I Left My Heart In Sorsogon”.

Sorsogon, close to the heart of Love Marie because her Mom is a Bicolana and her spouse Chiz Escudero now is the Father of the Province, was the best locarion to boot!

“I didn’t demand naman na doon kami mag-shoot. Nung malaman ko the story, nag-suggest lang ako sa Bosses. And after ilang days lang they approved of it!”

And the times she goes around the world, for work that is, Heart has a way of making her friends support her by promoting her projects. Take for example, “Crazy Rich Asians” author Kevin Kwan.

When she works, Heart pours her heart and soul 101 % to the task.

The chemistry in their characters as Celeste, Richard Yap as Tonito and Paulo Contis as Mikoy is set to get the audience kilig.

As Paolo would put it, “Walang magaganap na kidnapan sa istorya. Walang third party o third wheel. Pero si Celeste will be caught between two loves. Kaya masaya lang ito. Laban ng puso!”

Heart freely and deeply expresses herself in ways that make her closer to her fans.

“I Left My Heart in Sorsogon” looks promising in the sense of the levels it will take the viewers where love is concerned.

The caught between love and something. The in between. The other side. And many more facets.

There’s the story of family. And friends. And finding one’s truest purpose.

Apart from the life of Celeste in the story, what the fans are excited to see are the dresses and fashion ensembles, her character as a fashion designer will use in the show.

Do we see a Carrie of “Sex in the City” in terms of wardrobe?

I bet, a lot will agree with me!

It’s a date, starting November 15 in GMA-7’s Primetime Bida. Fall in love with the lovers and Sorsogon and how they are living with the cards dealt in the palm of their hands! (30)

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