BY: Pilar Mateo

THESE were the words of Jinkee Pacquiao in her FB page weeks ago.

“Today my husband has committed himself to enter the ring to vie for the presidency of the Philippines.

“As a wife, I and our children stand beside him wholeheartedly supporting him with our love prayers and confidence. It has not been an easy decision for him, but his heart and love for our country calls him to. I admire his intense desire and determination for our people to prosper in every way as God has intended – For every Filipino family to be happy whole and well, for children to get a good education, parents to have work, food on the table, off the streets and sleeping soundly with a roof over their heads.

“At a very young age, whilst poor and striving to help feed his family. God gave him a dream – a big dream to become a world champion in boxing. With the courage and strength from God he went on to become boxings only 8 division world champion.

“Today God has put another dream in his heart – a bigger dream not for himself or our family but for every Filipino that he so dearly loves – to help them achieve their best life. Manny does not claim to be perfect, be the most learned and skilled but one thing I know and have witnessed – everyday he calls on our Almighty God seeking his wisdom knowledge and understanding.

“Bilang asawa nakita ko ang pambihirang transformation niya from Glory to Glory. Babe, The Lord redeemed you and restored you for this very purpose.

“Im grateful that he has blessed you and our family beyond measure. Maraming salamat sa paglaban mo para sa ating pamilya. Ngayon Im with you 100% as you fight for our country.

“With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Lord Jesus, all for your purpose and Glory. We humbly submit your servant Manny to do your Will. Salamat Panginoon 🙏

“An empowered woman I aspire to be. Not ever on my own strength, but by God. May my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ mold me and shape me day by day to be a wife of noble character, a helpmeet in every possible way, able to watch over the affairs of my household, providing for the needs of my family. May He make my arms strong for any task, open to the needs of others. May He fill me with joy to create smiles and cheer everywhere i go, wisdom to find a way in every challenge. When i am weak, He is strong within me. May i be a Strong Woman of God fit for the Master use. 🙏🤍”

Such powerful words from a woman who will live in Malacañang when the tides favor the destiny of her husband.

It is such a breeze to witness or see Jinkee’s life in the heart of their several homes.

Should she become the country’s First Lady, Jinkee could very well be proud of the several businesses she and her husband has entered into and been managing for the last several years.

A Water Rotor (Ottawa) for renewable energy; One Championship (Singapore); a Hotel in GenSan in Manny’s name; a radio network DXRB also in GenSan; his own Wildcard Gym; Pacman H2O; a beach resort in Saranggani; Pacman Sports Bar; and the list goes on about fifteen all in all the news said.

From the humble life in the province, to the posh life innthe city, the world watches as she an the hubby prepares the biggest fight of their life!

Just a quick look into the Pacman’s Queen’s Daily Grind! (30)

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