HE WAS a matinee idol in his prime. He was a favorite leading man of his generation.

The love of his life then also came from the showbiz world.

They eloped. Which crushed his loveteam. And almost erased his status as an idol.

But, Destiny had it that Rey “PJ” Abellana be part of the industry which embraced him. And of the two daughters he and Rea Reyes had, it was the “bunso” Carla who would follow in his footsteps.

Life prospered.

Though Rey and Rea parted ways, the actor’s relationship with his daughters went on.

And now, after her Ate Erica, it’s Carla’s time to walk down the aisle.

And the Father of the Bride beamed with so much pride as he gave away his dearest daughter to, also an actor, Tom Mott (Rodriguez).

Said he, “It’s about time that Carla got married. She’s aging and she deserves a happy & complete family ahead of her with Tom.

“Knowing Carla, she’s happy & sure of her decisions with Tom & I agree for the two of them.

“As much as I know Tom, he’s okay with me as well as he’s okay with the Abellana family. We want him to stay nice & a good man, especially for Carla & to their family later on. I wish them both happiness, good health, peacefulness, forever love, continues blessings & God loving life always!”

Happily married now for almost 3 decades to wife Sheena, where he also has two treasures, Reysheel and JR, Rey and Sheena were both happy to see Carla get married.

Said the proud of Carla, Sheena, “Para sa akin nakita ko kung gaano ka mahal ni Tom si Carla. At mababait ang mga nakilala ko ngb kapatid ni Tom at mom niya. Feel ko rin ang nararamdaman ni Rea (Reyes) na nag-halo’ng lungkot at saya as a mother. Kasi mother din ako kaya feel na feel ko ang nararamdaman ni niya sa moment na ‘yun!”

Sheena photographed a lot of moments and memories on that special day she shares with SNI.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the newly weds! (30)

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