BY: Pilar Mateo

ROI Ira Jude Diego is celebrating his 9th year in the business of managing talents.

R Multimedia Entertainment Productions has had its share of ups and downs. But as Roi says, his goal and mission is to help talents wanting to pursue their dreams become a reality.

Whether it is in acting, singing, dancing and more.

This year, he has been blessed to find two more to add in the roster of his talents.

One is an actor, athlete, brand ambassador. The other one who resides in Vietnam for the meantime, is a Fil-Am whose heart is in composing songs.

Red Mendoza. Rico Means.

What pushed them to be in showbiz, in spite of the hurdles they have to face in the situation now?

Red said, “When I decided to be in it, I made it a point to have that mindset that whatever comes along, gagawin ko siya with utmost passion. My mindset should be firm. Napakalaki ng showbiz. Kung wala kang firm na mindset to get what you want, hindi ka magtatagal.”

Rico speaks about his edge. Even if he’s in another country.

“I know I have so much room to grow. With the kind of music I make. Which has so much potential to offer to our listeners.”

Like what some believes, in “no pain, no gain”, what are the sacrifices that these two dudes are willing to do in the name of making it with the career they picked.

Rico was firm in saying, “Lovelife! Focus in my career muna ako. Career will stay forever if you focus your attention to it. Love can wait.”

Red shares the same sentiment.

“Malaking adjustment. I agree with Rico. Na pwedeng i-sacrifice ang lovelife. For now. Mas bigyan ng importansya ang family.”

Roi has set the plans he wants to give these two gents.

A movie for Red before the year ends. An “album” for Rico.

I asked Rico what his real name is. What Means mean.

That is his real name. Speaks of dedication and hardwork. According to him.

Red’s real name is Eman. God is within.

Roi is looking forward to giving the best in terms of projects for his wards.

“Ang dami ko ng dinaanan. Nadapa. May times pa na may mga nagalit. Plano pa akong ipa-Tulfo. But at the end of the day, lalabas naman ang totoo. Kung wala ka naman ginawang masama at tinapakan, mabi-vindicate ka. I don’t wanna be accused na kaya ako nagma-manage eh, because may feelings involved. Hindi po.

“Kaya naman ako hindi nagma-manage ng babae, kasi hindi ko sila madali’ng maintindihan. May trabaho hindi pwede kasi may monthly period. Masakit ang puson. Maski sa ayos, make-up wala ako’ng alam. Sa lalake ang dali, hindi bagay sa ‘yo ‘yang shirt no, palitan mo. Kaya kailangan, alam mo talaga ang ginagawa mo.”

Red is open to do BL series. And game to delve into the scenes he will be required to do.

Rico is contemplating on joining the acting world. But at a much later time.

Roi is happier to push the buttons a little harder for the two.

He chose them because he saw a different kind of passion in the way they want to be with the talents they have.

The roads they will tread are now pointing to the directions they will choose.

In one big adventure! Or more? (30)

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