Meet the Cast of Moonlight Butterfly

AFTER the success of Anak ng Macho, Joel Lamangan announced his new movie titled Moonlight Butterfly during its storycon last Thursday, September 16.

According to Joel, the movie starts as a sexy romantic drama, and slowly turns into a suspenseful spy thriller.


Eunice (Christine Bermas), a charming prostitute, romances a besotted American diplomat while keeping a boyfriend on the side. Her boyfriend soon dumps her when he learns of the affair. The diplomat turns out to be a CIA agent, and he is captured during a mission in Iraq.

His disappearance forces Eunice to find a new benefactor. When her American lover returns, he already knows she’s sleeping with a ruthless Iranian terrorist, and he wants her to spy on him.


Christine Bermas plays the main protagonist, Janet Eunice Alitagtag. She’s the hottest GRO on Fields Avenue—Angeles City’s red light district. Foreign guests love her because she’s smart and fluent in English. She was a Political Science freshman when she dropped out of college. She wanted to be a lawyer.

Eunice is the typical dutiful daughter who entered the world’s oldest profession to support her family. Her beloved mother, Nanay Flora (Tanya Gomez), has end stage renal disease and is in constant need of dialysis. She also finances the schooling of her younger brother, Dario (Jolo Estrada), a third year Nursing student.  

Eunice finds her knight in shining armor in Eliott (Kit Thompson), an American diplomat and widower whom she meets one night when she moonlights as a street walker. He falls hard for her and offers to lift her out of poverty. He also helps arrange a kidney transplant for her ailing mother. He has a little secret: he’s a CIA agent.

Eunice has a secret of her own. His name is Roy (Albie Casiño). He’s 22, her boyfriend of three years. He’s a former hosto and now a graduating Criminology student  whose schooling in Manila. She has been financing, too, without the knowledge of her family. Inevitably, both Roy and Eliott soon learn that they’re not the only man in her life.

Nilo (Jim Pebanco) is Eliott’s long-time partner and collaborator. A senior special agent of the NBI, he helped foil the terrorist plot to assassinate Pope John Paul II during the World Youth Day celebrations in Manila in 1994. He spies on Eunice and alerts Eliott about her relationship with Roy.    

Eunice’s most trusted friend and confidante is her neighbor, Grace (Quinn Carrillo), a caregiver who dreams of working in the US and who also helps look after Nanay Flora. She is the only person who has intimate knowledge of Eunice’s relationship with Roy. In the end, her friendship with Eunice will face the toughest test imaginable.

After Roy dumped her, Eunice had the further misfortune of losing contact with Eliott for over two months when he went missing in action during a mission in Iraq. Forced to return to prostitution, she finds a new benefactor in Habib (Ivan Carapiet), a mysterious Iranian who promises to buy her a mansion for her family. He turns out to be the leader of an Islamic State terrorist cell with a series of sinister plans up his sleeve. 

Moonlight Butterfly is produced by 3:16 Media Network Productions, headed by Ms. Len Carrillo and Melo Uy.

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