Christine Bermas stars in a new Joel Lamangan film, Moonlight Butterfly

The talented and sexy actress Christine Bermas leads in a new bomba film titled “Moonlight Butterfly”.

The creative team behind Moonlight Butterfly is the same people behind award-winning film Rainbow’s Sunset and Isa Pang Bahaghari and the producer of Silab.

According to Joel Lamangan, the director of Moonlight Butterfly, the movie starts as a sexy romantic drama, and slowly turns into a suspenseful spy thriller.

Christine plays a role as a hottest GRO (Guest Relations Officer), Eunice, on Fields Avenue—Angeles City’s red light district. Foreign guests love her because she’s smart and fluent in English. She was a Political Science freshman when she dropped out of college. She wanted to be a lawyer.

The story starts when Eunice romances a besotted American diplomat while keeping a boyfriend on the side. Her boyfriend soon dumps her when he learns of the affair. The diplomat turns out to be a CIA agent, and he is captured during a mission in Iraq.

His disappearance forces Eunice to find a new benefactor. When her American lover returns, he already knows she’s sleeping with a ruthless Iranian terrorist, and he wants her to spy on him.

Besides Christine Bermas; Kit Thompson, Albie Casiño, and Ivan Carapiet also cast in the said movie. It also stars Jim Pebanco, Tanya Gomez, Jolo Estrada, Quinn Carrillo, and Hershie de Leon.

Moonlight Butterfly is produced by 3:16 Media Network Productions, headed by Ms Len Carrillo and Melo Uy.

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