BY: Pilar Mateo

THESE days, it is one thing to believe.

Seeing the things Maxene Magalona shares in her social media, you get the taste of positivity in what she does.

She has embraced a discipline that blesses her mind, body and spirit. Like Yoga.

This is how she spends her day.
“Day 18: God’s love is the energy flowing inside me. 🤍

“I’ve been meditating for 4 hours a day as part of a #30DaysofMeditation challenge that I’m currently doing and I have to say that this is the most I’ve ever felt grounded and centered. My daily sadhana (spiritual practice) is usually only 1 hour of meditation. Now I practice 2 hours of meditation in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening. It’s been challenging for my schedule but because I prioritize and value this practice so much, I find ways to make it work.

“I have so much faith in my practice. I know it’s common for us to say that God is always with us but this daily ritual is what truly makes me feel His presence. I really believe meditation is just about plugging ourselves into the Divine Source—God. Whenever I meditate, I believe with every fiber of my being that I am recharging myself with the power of God’s Divine energy. Not only do I get to train my mind to keep coming back to the present moment, I am also able to feel and inhabit my own body which makes me feel safe and grounded. One of my biggest issues before I took this journey of self-healing was being completely disconnected from myself—controlled by my ego, crippled by fear, drowning in a pool of negative thoughts and engaging in self-sabotaging behavior. I was a lost soul. My energy was scattered and it is this practice that helped me gather it all back and learn how to truly nurture and protect it.

“I have so much respect and gratitude for all the strong-willed and kind-loving yogis and meditators all over the world who consciously devote their precious time and sincere efforts to the Divine through this sacred practice.

From my soul to yours, Namaste ✨

Join me and @_annafries on #TheSoulSpeaks IG live on @thesoulspaceph this Sunday at 5pm for our next topic: #meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️💕

📸 @fmam 🙏🏼

“You see in the world what you have in your heart.” — Johann Van Goethe ❤️

“Our hearts are filled with so much gratitude for all our kind friends who joined us yesterday for “Yoga for Love” 🙏🏼

“It is in these times of uncertainty when we really need to practice more self-love and self-compassion so that we can regularly monitor the state of our well-being and keep ourselves in alignment. Now is the best opportunity to practice introspection and really look within so that we can start paying attention to every aspect of our being—especially the parts of us that we have unconsciously denied, rejected and unloved.

“It is time to practice offering ourselves the real and honest kind of self-love which includes accepting and embracing both our shadows and our light. As humans, we are naturally equipped with the intelligence to consciously turn our darkness into light, if we truly want it. The sooner we start practicing this kind of self-love, the better, kinder and more compassionate we will be. By being kind and compassionate to ourselves first, we will be able to share and extend that energy to others as well., be love. ❤

“Have a kind and loving Sunday, everyone! 🤗”

And it gives me so much inspiration in sharing things she does to make her mind, body and spirit enjoy a positivity most of us are wanting to find.

It takes a bit of courage to believe. And get it tested. And be inspired.

We can always try. To do this, too! (30)

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