Mr. Nick Vera Perez excitedly and happily announced that he is proud to officially share that his NVP1.0:NVP!’s More!, Nick Vera Perez’ 2nd highly anticipated album, is finally set to hit iTunes and Spotify and all worldwide platforms (220++) including Tiktok, You Tube Music, Amazon, and Google Play this September 1, 2021.

He added, “The much awaited power-packed album contains 12-of my all original songs; 6 English and 6 Tagalog of classified and varied genres from soft balad, RNB, Pop, Jazz, Rock and easy Easy Listening contemporaries.” The different genres showcase Mr. Nick Vera Perez’s versatility and flexibility which is a skill set in a place.

Nick can definitely sing in many different genres and project his voice differently, using various vocal techniques and focusing on different registers to make the song expressive. Well, we can consider him a crossover artist and can be a jack of all trades, with an amazing voice that can do multiple styles, changing the game of music as we know it and completely reformulating the traditional pop structure and making it his own.

How can we get hold of the songs ?

“You can download your favorite library of music; iTunes, Spotify, and search for VERIFIED artist; Nick Vera Perez, and support by listening to all the new hits historically produced amidst he PANDEMIC phenomenon. It’s not easy because of the situation but here we are and you can listen to it soon. I hope everyone enjoy listening to it. We exerted so much effort finishing the said album to make sure we are going to satisfy the listeners.” NVP said with full of boastfulness.

“Lyrics and music by Adonis Tabanda, mixed and mastered by Jon Zecks, recorded fully at Chicago Recording Company (CRC), the largest recording studio in the Midwest, the sound for legendary recording artists and award-winning content for commercials, film & television.” Nick ended up bragging with a wide smile.

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