Scet Colleens Corporation is a wholesaler and multi-level marketing business, The focal point of the business when it started its venture was into cosmetics. It started under the sole proprietorship of Shara Jane Chavez. She started it with lip tints, lip balms, etc. then it paved the way to become a corporation selling more products with membership and incorporating multi-level marketing. Edith Tablante became Shara Jane’s partner. The company started accepting membership and distributorship.

As a corporation, it started eleven months ago, at the height of the pandemic

SNI: So how it started as a subject to accusation of being a scam?

“Because of the unavoidable circumstances due to the pandemic, there were some delays of payouts for a month in other accounts. Financial crisis that we can’t control. We have to shell out personal money to cope up with the loses. Honestly, we are still doing payouts daily.” Shara Jane said.

SNI: Why it went bankrupt?

“Some of our clients did not pay us. A lot of unsettled accounts and we need to cover them up with our own personal money. But of course, we can’t do this all at once and so we need to settle it one at a time and steadily. We are doing everything we can.” Edith explained.

“As mentioned, we are shelling out personal money to do payouts and settle our debits and still commit to the promise and to the contract given to our clients that in case of shutdown or cessation, the value of their money or investment will be given back, either in product form or cash.“

“I just want to make it clear that Scet Colleen Corporation is not running away from it’s responsibility nor we are not hiding . That’s why I am having this interview to make things clear and to let the public know. Those members that we owe, please rest assure that we are doing our part to settle everything. I only ask everyone to be patient.“

There are also people from the show business industry who are involve like Daryl Ong. He is also a member. And Edith admitted they were not able to settle the full amount to Daryl yet.

The company needs at least a year or twelve months to return the investments of all the members. And the owner says, its not intentional. It’s not a scam. It was the pandemic. And they are not the only company that is badly affected by this pandemic.

The economic uncertainty driven by the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed struggling companies (like Scet Colleen’s Corporation) over the edge into bankruptcy proceedings and its so sad if such case like this, some parties will think otherwise or accused such business a scam.

The lesson learned here by Shara Jane is; “ creating a business is not a joke. We thank those members who understood the situation and is still very patient with us. At this time of crisis, it is not advisable to create a business that is dependent on other business to pay them.“

With that being said, let us remind everyone – be safe. Be smart. Be kind. Let’s just not add fuel to the fire. And let us learn how to listen to understand before we react.

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