BY: Pilar Mateo

THE VLOGGER in Hollywood and other showbiz corners in the US of A, MJ Racadio continues to be on a roll.

During this pandemic, he continues to interview lots of celebrities in tinseltown.

He had the chance to watch Sean Penn and daughter’s latest flick.

And apart from doing the rounds in Uncle Sam’s country, MJ helps other talents in other parts of the globe. Like in the “Land Down Under”, Australia.

He got a former beauty queen who dabbles and shines in hosting to be his co-host in his Blog Talks with MJ.

Julianne Richards shares her thoughts in her new role as co-host of her mentor.

In the time of pandemic.

“The pandemic has defiantly been a ride full of challenges and I’m sure many of us find ways each day to cope. Its a process we go through, in order to have your own coping strategy. Each day you tell yourself and fight your mindset that “you can do it” as you list down your to do list. Its been a mixture of emotions but its so important how we respond to it. I strongly believe everything will be okay again as I hold onto hope and patience and of course pray for everyone’s safety and well-being.”

Blogtalk Hollywood is?

“I sure am and I am extremely honored for this opportunity. Despite feeling nervous but excited for this experience I truly am grateful for tito MJ for really seeing my potential and believing in my capabilities as an artist.”

Living the life of a model. A new contract.

“Yes I did (inked a new contract). Which is another journey I am also really excited for. I actually had them reach out to me via Instagram last year and I didn’t take notice of it till this year. I got to meet the team and executive director through a FaceTime interview and they were so lovely and welcoming! I am definitely keen to see what this journey has in store for me!

How to be you, then? Leveling up.

“I haven’t really had the chance to look into online acting classes, although since acting has been a true passion of mine since I was so young as I discovered it through only watching teleseryes on TFC, I engaged myself back into watching teleseryes, many Filipino and non-Filipino films to observe and pick up acting techniques. I also use Tik-Tok as another form of platform to practice with the acting skits on there to play around with my facials and emotions.”

Another star on a journey to reach higher heights.

Step by step. Little by little.



“Love at the End of the World” is a Boy’s Love (BL) Erotic Suspense Drama series that explores the lives of four couples as they navigate through love, pain, loss, romance, forgiveness, redemption, loneliness and sorrow.

After reports from NASA confirm that an asteroid is set to hit Earth in 7 days resulting in global catastrophe, priorities quickly change and panic ensues.

The first couple, Ben and Sam, are jumbled in a perplexing love triangle with George that leaves viewers in a constant state of fascination. Ben, having faced disapproval from his father his whole life, seeks comfort in Sam and the two form an unbreakable physical and emotional bond. George, feeling left behind, does everything he can to relight the flame he once had with Sam.

The second couple, Mark and Kaloy, are involved in an endearing and heart-warming relationship with a weathered old blind man named Rener, who has convinced himself that he deserves to die. Mark displays incredible amount of empathy towards Rener and provides viewers with a single thread of hope.

The third couple, Tony and Ian, are two polar opposites that surprisingly fall head over heels for each other and discover a romantic connection early in their relationship. Tony, a suicidal American tourist, travels to the Philippines to perform the “Perfect Suicide” but ends up having an abrupt change of heart after Ian gives him new reasons to live.

The fourth couple, Cris and Renzo, are two temperamental junkies in withdrawal driving around aimlessly in hopes of finding answers. The chemical lovers experience a mix of rage-filled altercations and hardcore sexual intercourses, creating this unbreakable tension that persists the whole duration of the series.

Set in different locations around the Philippines, the characters intertwine through their stories of love, tragedy and sex. Series creator and director Shandii Bacolod calls this series “an ode to loneliness”.

#LoveAtTheEndOfTheWorld is coming soon.

From MSB Entertainment Productionand Temporary Insanity Pictures.

Get to know the couples soon!!!

Who would you rather relate to. Your take?


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