When we talk about COVID-19, no one is spared. Either you are an ordinary person, a politician or a janitor, housewife, blind, artist, medical practitioners, athletic, rich or poor. Everyone is vulnerable with this virus.

Even the mayor-husband of Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, Richard Gomez was infected some time ago with coronavirus disease in Ormoc City, where they have placed themselves in quarantine since January this year. The beautiful lady solon recalled her tribulation and how the family won the fight against COVID-19 and life during those challenging period.

She look back on the experience, “ When one of your family members or loved ones becomes infected with this virus, of course everyone is affected. The virus strikes physically but the battle also attacks you mentally, so it’s important to safeguard our emotional health, which includes psychological health and stress level.”

“The initial reaction is to panic so we need to be sane and calm. We need to practice – grace under pressure. And each COVID case is different from the others who are infected. It depends on how physically fit you are or strong your body’s immune system. The body is designed to fight viruses. It’s also very important to listen to your doctor or health care provider and stop reading about other cases, it’s not the same and it will only make you frightened.” She said matter-of-factly.“ This coronavirus is not like the regular flu. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. As you can see it’s effects on people. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. However, some will become seriously ill and require medical attention. It affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization, so you take it one day at a time.”

“I’m just thankful that my husband is very energetic, physically healthy and it happened at the time of the Olympics otherwise, he will not stay put, I can’t stop him from going out. But the Games held him back so he was able to rest, stay indoors and just enjoyed watching the games. Or else, I’d used the shackles to make him stay-put. I took measures like his mother. I always remind him to save his energy for faster healing and recovery. But now, he is back to work but I remind him every now and then to take it easy.”

The Torres-Gomez’s simple lifestyle in the rustic and pastoral setting of Ormoc also helped in the family’s healing physically and mentally, as reflected in the congresswoman’s well-received vlog that highlights her unspoiled life and love for arts and crafts making.

Congresswoman Lucy is also into yoga and doing arts and crafts. “These things helps me become less agitated,” she noted. “My own vlog is part of my coping mechanism as we’re all fighting our own battles. I want to share gentle ways on how to cope with our very rough life now because of the pandemic. If I touch just one person and help him get through the day, that’s fine for me.“

Well, Yoga practice is beneficial for maintaining healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a known practice that reduces stress and anxiety and may. No wonder, she maintains her beauty, her youthful skin and placidity despite of the situation.

The Torres-Gomez household also includes a dog, chickens, pigs, monitor lizard, geese and turtle and like they understood the word family, everyone get along with each other. The Congresswoman happily shared her two favorite chickens named Heather and Delilah and how they love to lay eggs, they don’t choose a particular place where to lay their eggs and so she put baskets around. “ They have a happy lovelife.”

She remains on the lookout for a rise of infection in Ormoc. But she dismissively shares that the cases in her place are relatively low. “ We got only 18 cases and hoping the number is not going to swell. We don’t have a bigger healthcare capacity, so from the start our focus is on prevention.” The lady solon continues.

“ We need to be very strict with our border controls and management to keep Ormoc safe. This means, people from nearby towns cannot just enter our city. We have about 200,000 people and there are more open areas and easy access to the mountains and the sea.“

She is at her last term as representative but doesn’t made up her mind yet for the 2022 elections. “Definitely, my husband Richard will be running for congress since my term is coming to an end. As of now, my mission and focus is more about my family. And of course COVID response. How to cope with it as one family and as united people, as a nation. We are all fighting the same battle and we should all look out for each other.”

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