After only three days of signing a contract with Star Image Artist Management (Star Image), manager of the controversial Social media personality Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou Arizala, who was arrested for his violation of the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004, the viral online seller Daisy “Madame Inutz” Cabantog (Inutil) or Daisy Lopez went live on August 15 on her Facebook page to announce that she left its management after finding out details about her contract, including a no expiration clause.

The controversial online seller admitted that she was overwhelmed by her sudden fame and she had not diligently studied the contract she signed with Star Image. It took comments from her fans, family and fellow You Tubers to reconsider and asked for a copy.

The said contract is perpetual or indefinite. At common law, a term may be implied into a perpetual contract which allows a party to terminate by giving “reasonable notice”. Aside from the fact that there were some confusions on her part, and lack of sureness about something. Like the talent agency considers her I.D and passport even it’s already expired and they asked for her cellphone number because they said they will be screening all calls, etc. which she thought later, lost her privacy.

Just recently, Madam Inutz went viral as online seller on Facebook because of her unique and funny way of selling online and many people had an interest to help her and her life was featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho last August 15. She is supporting her sick mother.

It’s where Wilbert Tolentino came into view. Known as “Mr. Generous,” Wilbert is a philanthropist who is willing to help people during and before pandemic times. He is holding the title Mr. Gay World. A businessman and a certified You Tuber, making his presence felt not only in FB but also into Vlogging. He has an eye when it comes to real talent , if a person has a potential, he is willing to help out and offer an all out support like what he exactly did with his friends like Zeinab Zarake and Donnalyn Bartolome. Part of being a person is about helping others.

Madam Inutz went live via her Facebook page Daisy_licios Ukay to announced that she left Star Image Management after she asked advices and consult her family, friends, lawyer and even some Vloggers, and fellow You Tubers. It was a mistake signing in a jiffy.

A lot of people felt happy about the action made by Madam Inutz, that she is finally free and has freedom to choose who she thinks might be the best person to manage and help her booming career.

Wilbert Tolentino’s name came out after he extended help to the online seller known as Madam Inutz who became popular now . He gave the latter Php 200,000 to help her sick mother. With this kind gesture, many people believe that Wilbert will be a perfect person to manage Daisy Lopez. They will be helping each other. Money wise, Wilbert is rich and money will not be an issue between them for sure. And that she can save and she can properly invest her hard earned money with the help of Wilbert to be able to help her mother and family.

The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving. Wilbert and Madam Inutz both love their families, and we saw that they are too willing to do anything just to help without hesitations and so they are perfect match, be it in a business partnership, just saying. Generosity allies itself with an inner feeling of abundance—the feeling that we have enough to share.

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