“I thought of an advocacy that will empower everyone, the community. As of present, with advanced technology, we still have about twenty million Filipinos who don’t have electricity or don’t have access to it. For some areas, especially those in the southern Philippine island, the study says energy access is still significantly below the national average.” Mrs. Universe Candidate, Sofia Lee shares.

“Until now , many people are relying in ‘gasera.’ Gasera is a traditional lamp when there was no available electricity yet especially in far places from cities or in rural areas. Or candles which usually might cause accidents and most likely can ignite fires. And we all know, walking alone at night in dim areas aren’t safe anymore. Imagine these alarming concerns.” She further said with unease voice.

“And that’s how I started thinking, how can I be of help ? Then one friend who is a member of Mason, a fraternity, freemasonry, who believe each man brings something different into the Fraternity. Each shares a core of common beliefs & dreams; each brother believes that, even in a small way, by every one of his actions, he helps make his world, his community & himself better. So this friend introduced me to Liter Of Light, a civic organization which gives economically and ecologically sustainable sources of light to homes who don’t have access and cannot afford to have electricity.” She recalls.

“This project has a global grassroots. And aside from it’s encouraging everyone to have a livelihood project, it’s promoting environmental friendly technology. You don’t need to buy materials, you just need to recycle plastic bottles. The members are helping others , they are encouraged to make the plastic lamps for other members as well. Obviously, we are also promoting brotherhood here. “Sofia proudly says.

“It’s indeed an environmental friendly , it uses the renewable energy from the sun, helps in reducing carbon emission, very timely for making our share to help battle the alarming global warming.”

“Many people were given another chance and made them feel they are still an important part of community, especially women inside the Correctional who also help in keeping up this project .”

Many homes are now gleaming and recipient of this brilliance from “Liter of Lights project” especially households of Sitio Bakal, Quezon City because of Sofia Lee ( L ight Energy for Everyone) with the guidance of “Good Neighbor Foundation”, a non-government organization and the support of Masonic Lodge No. 406.

Sofia Lee is so very pleased and grateful for these two , making her dreams to reach out and be able to help to become possible.

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