BY: Pilar Mateo

REMEMBER her? The ka-loveteam then of Bojo Molina. “Gimik”. “Okatokat”. Several films. Even albums.

Now, as Mrs. Joseph Bonifacio, a pastor, Rica enjoys sharing her life and moments in her Vlogs.

“Me after I put on some lip and cheek tint this morning. Tbh, I never liked the terms self-care and self-love because they felt so self-serving. I was also so anxious of making it all about me, of ending up selfish. But as in anything, too much of something is dangerous. Even selflessness. Mine especially distorted into reduction. I have reduced myself to the point that I believed my existence is not necessary. It was only this year that I began appreciating myself again. Only this year when I remembered I have value since God chose to make me at all! 💭

“And so back to self-love — this is actually good. To us believers it is actually a form of faith. To believe that God was not wrong in making me, in keeping me around, that there must be value for Someone as Amazing as the Creator of the Universe to wonderfully, fearfully, fashion me to be.🙌🏼

“So if you suffer from thinking today that you might not be necessary, that there is no difference in you being around or not, put on a little something on your face, look good, feel good, and remember that every time God made something, He stepped back and always saw something good. Something good is in you. Let’s try to call that into life today! ☀️”

Is that cool or that is cool?



BEFORE she was able to don her Leo Almodal wedding dress, actress Ara Mina had to undergo a lot of transformation. Physically that is!

“Hi everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of messages about my fitness and weight loss journey. Over the years, my routines were not consistent as should be since I am a full-time mom and actress with businesses on the side. That’s why it took me some time to share my story because I wanted to make sure the methods I will apply for myself will really work and inspire others. ☺️

“Finally, I started on a journey of a healthier me during the last week of November 2019. I encouraged and pushed myself to be back the way I am supposed to be. It was not easy and as the saying goes, “the struggle is real.” And it really is!

“When I discovered #AlluraSlimming new program, I didn’t think twice of incorporating it with my routine.

“In just six months, I lost 35lbs!🤗
I have never felt this fit for a long time.🥰 #AlluraSlimming program helped me achieve my ideal body weight. With proper diet, regular consultation with doctor and use of high-end machines, the results were totally amazing!

“So, if you have the same struggle and want to achieve the same result like I did, visit or call Allura Slimming Center and get 30% off in this program. Just follow @allurafaceandbody and use my code #ALLURAARA30OFF👍🏻

#AlluraSlimming helped me in my journey from being fat to fit 😍💛






Now, you know! (30)

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