BY: Rosahlee Bautista

We will mention it again, over and over, Alexander Robin, the two year old, curly haired tot and the youngest YouTube sensation is the pretty face and smart son of the former star, now Singapore-based businesswoman Marinella Moran.

He is all all over You Tube and Facebook. The toddler is not just handsome and adorable. The talent is so natural.

He is indeed unstoppable: Born and destined to be a star! The mom is undeniably happy and excited about this fact. And every time you ask for an interview, she will talk about his son’s accomplishments. So, okay we will be featuring the princely boy.

We were having that Video Call interview with the chic Marinella, while she was sipping her coffee last Sunday morning when Alexander stole the limelight. The little boy is sweeping the floor, looks so cute holding a broom, his very simple way of catching his mom’s attention and ours, too.

When we asked him what is he doing, he cleverly answered, “cleaning.” Then he showed us his collection of shoes inside an organized cabinet. Oh, how he loves shoes!

Marinella said, the first words that Alexander uttered when he was only 8 months old were, “shoes…papa and ba-bye.”

The precious boy loves cars. He has a numerous collection of toy cars. Even in his cake, he wants cars for a design.

Alexander Robin loves to eat bread. His love of bread will never die.

“My two year old prince is witty at his age, he just turned two. He is always cheerful. And he loves dancing. Upon hearing music, my master boy starts dancing to the beat.” Marinella sounds a very proud mom, bragging the accomplishment of the unstoppable and hyper boy Alexander Robin.

“He loves going out. Alex is always curious with so many things, with his surroundings. He loves acting in front of the camera. And crazy about dark chocolates that’s why he is so hyper. He is also very observant and aware.”

Despite the fact that Marinella is thinking about his son’s having a normal childhood, the boy is indeed unstoppable. He is destined to be a star.

The boy woke up so early even on a weekend, the well pleased and delighted mom shares and talks about teaching his young son about discipline and time management, “I am starting to condition him because he is now going to school, so that he will be trained and get used to the early schedule, waking up early.”

A very hands on mom, Marinella shares, “ I encourage Alexander Robin to achieve physical development goals by playing with him, time flies so fast so I need to have that quality time with him. And since he loves the outdoor, I bring him outside and play . Hop around the yard or play follow the leader, as a mom, encourage your child to perform new physical activities. The park is a great place to socialize and let your child see other children performing new activities. Just be creative and have fun! And that’s how I train my son. I know my child develops at his own pace, there are certain milestones I expect Alex to achieve now that he is two.”

Not to mention a TV Commercial or print ad , Alexander Robin as a young product endorser, predestined!

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