Despite of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nick Vera Perez is releasing two albums this year. He just finished recording his songs for his two album; NVP1.0: NVP 1s More and his Christmas Album, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

“NVP 1.0: NVP 1st More will be release later part of August this year or early September, 2021. While the Christmas album will be release first week of December. NVP 1.0 has 12 songs. Music and lyrics by Adonis Tabanda. This album focuses on love songs. It’s a mixed of English and Filipino songs. Motivational ones. It has the message like, be strong, don’t give up so easily. Let us remain positive. Let us keep on fighting! Laban Lang Tayo is a song for the pandemic.” Nick excitedly shares. “ While The Christmas Album composed of 10 songs. Four are revivals, including I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” He continues.

NVP is very proud and happy sharing the news to us because he recorded the songs in his two album in CRC Legendary Sound. For people to know, CRC stands for Chicago Recording Company. Since its opening in 1975, CRC has been the sound for legendary recording artists and award-winning content for commercials, film & television. The likes of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Boys To Men, among others made CRC their recording studio. Well, we may say that Nick Vera Perez is big time ! And the album are worth the wait.

Nick Vera Perez is a registered nurse in the United States but claims, “ I studied Nursing obliging to my parents wish, to please them. Aside from the fact that I can give my service to other people if I become a nurse, the reward to that profession is to be able to help and care for many people. Nurses develop skills in communication, leadership, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking and above all, caring for patients.” The International Entertainer continues to express pride in himself and his accomplishments. “My first love is music. This is what keeps the passion burning inside me. I never forget. It even help me cope up with different situation. I can be able to express myself through music.”

“Of course, as a nurse, there’s always a sense of fulfillment because you were able to help and care for someone. IT feels good sharing your time, being a nurse is a valued and important position. It also becomes a passion, I didn’t see the pressure or stress behind the job, the reason why I lasted 28 years working in ICU.”

“While in music, it always helps the listeners pull themselves up. Music has a lot of health benefit. It elevates mood, it reduces stress, it relieves symptoms of depression, it stimulates memories, it manages and eases pain. Words affects the mental condition of a person.”

Nick Vera Perez considered himself blessed and fortunate to be able to record and finished not just one album but two, despite of the pandemic. “The pandemic brought most social activities to a screeching halt for over … Music can have profound effects on our physical and psychological well-being… Listening to upbeat songs might be key to helping you feel happier.”

How does he copes up with the pandemic?

“Everything starts with the mind. The mind/ego can be our greatest enemy because at its core is the idea of separation from the whole or All. At this times, its really hard, even how positive your outlook, there are times that you’ll be feeling so low. I went to that phase, I feel so unmotivated, I just want to lie down in bed and do nothing. Fortunately, I am blessed with my NVP angels like Olive who always reminds me that I should not be giving up for us, positive words that motivates me. We need to be strong in order to lift people up but sometimes we feel so weak, too. But there’s always magic to those inspirational words and wisdom. It’s also God speaking to us. Whispering to us through those people. Those angels He sent.”

To remain positive during these times is a tough job, how much more trying to inspire others to remain positive is a much tougher job. But we have a social and moral obligation to everyone. Through the power of music to promote aspects related to dimensions of wellbeing such as the capacity to enhance relief, trust, reduce anxiety or loneliness, to raise mood, to cope with the situation and to feel connected to other people, these albums from NVP to be released soon might be a good way of diverting people’s mind from the pandemic.

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