BY: Pilar Mateo

TO BE young! To be eighteen!

After so many postponements since April this year because of the pandemic, Ate Reysheel Abellana’s coming out as a debutante came to be on the 4th of July.

Her parents Sheena and Rey (PJ Abellana of the 80s series “Annaliza”) were very thankful as they beamed with pride in Ate Reysheel’s debut held at Plaza Ibarra in Timog.

Mommy Sheena had to take a leave from her busy work in Japan (in one of the biggest offices of Rolex) since November last year to prepare for Ate Reysheel’s big day!

Papa Rey’s fervent prayers for his locked-in tapings to be scheduled away from the big event were constantly answered.

The party that was all set in April had to need lots of changes. From the invited guests, especially Rey’s colleagues in the business, family friends and relatives and other friends. Most were not able to make it.

But thanks to a lot of people as well, who moved heaven and earth to make it one great party.

Especially to events host Richard Villanueva and his staff. And his co-world class artists from WCOPA who provided the entertainment that night. He is a multi-awarded events host and director from the 2019 3 Division World Champion.

His artists who provided the entertainment were:

  1. Ron Gohel – served as the tech director and choreographer and a WCOPA singing champ
  2. Renz Fernando – WCOPA Champion and contestant this year in “The Clash”
  3. Princess Vire – From “Rak of Aegis” , also a WCOPA winner
  4. Claire Briceneo – WCOPA product, Dubai based Superstar
  5. Merjohn Lagaya- Hall of Famer Aliw Awards Best Violinist; and played for our dear Pope Francis
  6. Madonna Decena- 1st Filipina semi finalist in “Britain’s Got Talent”

The other performers who awed the guests as well, included Ritchie Capoy and the brothers Abellana (Jojo and Dino).

It was also a night of sexy stars, where some have added some pounds but are still so beautiful and sexy in the powder blue motif ensembles they wore.

Ate Reysheel made the guests cry with her speech. Citing the challenges and sacrifices the family had to go through but very thankful for all who shared that special night with her.

Many were saying that apart from her, brother JR, who was her escort should also try their luck in showbiz.

Special thanks was mentioned by Sheena to actor Jay Manalo, who even if not dressed for the occasion, made it a point to keep his promise to the family. He came from a wake and found no time to change anymore.

All in all, it was a great party!

Ate Reysheel’s path has been lighted with the 18 candles to guide and guard her all her life; her 18 treasures will serve as reminders of how she should take care of things that will come her way. And the 18 roses…well, the Papa and the Mama said that “manliligaws” are welcome. For as long as they will visit Ate in the house for them to get to know the guys.

“But at the end of the day, studies first. So, she can achieve what she really wants later in life,” said the beaming Mama.

Observing IATF protocols, of social distancing face masks and face shields, the rains fell for a while, a sign of lots of blessings to come in Ate’s and the family’s life! Always, all the way, in every way!

Happy great day, Ate! (30)

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