Sofia Lee made several films and she was also a singer. She appeared in about fourteen films from 2008 to 2020. Now 37 , she is a professional actress, singer, make up artist and managing her own business.

She is making her stand by vying in the 9th Exceptional Mrs. Universe Philippines 2021. She is representing “Veritas Via Vitae ( The truth of the way of life)“ Negros Oriental, a place where nature or history will not disappoint anyone.

Joining the 9th Exceptional Mrs. Universe Philippines 2021 pageant is not easy, it’s actually strenuous but a fulfilling event. It’s a milestone to any woman like Sofia Lee.

Sofia is advocating for women empowerment, she is helping women inside the Correctional Institution for Women. Women in the contemporary prison face many problems; some resulting from their lives prior to imprisonment, others resulting from their imprisonment itself. Women in prison have experienced victimization, unstable family life, school and work failure, and substance abuse and mental health problems.

She is also aiding and helping out street children by doing charitable works and affiliating with orphanages for some activities and one of her important projects, is giving solar lamps to Sitio Bakal, the place has no lamp post, around 50 families benefited from this project of Sofia in partnership with a Liter of light, “Create an impact wherever you are !” This liter of light, solar light is promoting recycling, too. How good is this! Rubbish drink bottles, rubbish PVC, converted into solar lights. Liter Of Light is providing light to communities that are off-grid and normally not having lighting. They provide light for inside dwellings and also streetlights up high which provides some security to people in these communities.
It’s such a simple idea, but what a great idea it is. This project focuses on renewables and/or basic human rights.

The theme for Mrs. Universe Philippines 2021 is celebrating and empowering phenomenal career women through beauty, glam and cause. This also aims to search for the potential representative of the Philippines in Mrs. Universe International to be held from November 27 to December 5 in Seoul, South Korea.

When she is not busy with her advocacies and with other commitments, Sofia is doing her first job and that is as a mother . She loves to cook Thai foods for her kids. And still manages to balance her time for herself like spending her free time doing firing, Muay Thai and going to the gym three times a week to sustain her healthy lifestyle.

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