First and foremost Dianne praises the Lord Jesus for winning the Most Fave Morning Show Female Host of The Year, she had received yesterday at the 4th Asia Pacific Luminare Awards .

The actress said, she felt so blessed because her talent was recognized because she has been in the industry since 2006.

One thing that is so obvious with Dianne is that she is a pious Christian. Dedicating all her success, accomplishments and blessings from God. When she gave birth to her son in September 2020 she acclaimed, ‘My answered prayer Rodolfo Joaquin Diego III. Thank you my Almighty Father.”

After announcing her name as the Best Female Host Of the Year, Dianne uttered in her speech, “Thank you Lord. All glory and honor is yours my Almighty Father.”

She expressed so much gratitude with People’s Television Network, Radio Television Malacañang – RTVM, Loving What You Do, Rise and Shine Pilipinas, Talk BIZ Team, My PPS Family. She also than ABS-CBN and Studio 23 where she started.

And of course she mentioned her family, “Daddy Tito Verzosa Medina, Xavier Medina, Nicolo Medina, Maria Katrina Medina, Joseph Medina Chrysantha Medina Andrea Nicole Cruz Medina. And last but not the least, thank you RJ Cruz Ilustre …..And Joaquin.”

She shared the award with DJ Jai Ho who also won as Best Male Host Of The Year.

The said award inspired Dianne even better. “ I am inspired even more to do my job better, and with this award I am happy and so grateful that my effort has been noticed and it will inspire a lot of people, too. I always aspire for a better life and to work harder. We only have one purpose, that is working for our family. And so I am dedicating this award of course to my family. “

Being a talk show host means one must be very knowledgeable and articulate in having spontaneous conversation. The personality of the host shapes the tone of the show, which also defines the “trademark” of the show. A common feature or unwritten rule of talk shows is to be based on “fresh talk”, which is talk that is spontaneous or has the appearance of spontaneity. And winning as Best Female Talk Show Host says a lot for one. And Dianne Medina – Ilustre marked a milestone for her . It adds feather to her cap. Aside from being an actress (Till My Heartaches End, Feliza and many more) , dancer, television host, anchor and part-time model. Dianne is also a former member of ABS-CBN’s developmental talent agent Star Magic and married to actor Rodjun Cruz (Ilustre) and they have a baby boy Rodolfo Joaquin Diego III.

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