BY: Pilar Mateo

DIREK ERIK MATTI’S at it again!

This pandemic will not curtail the creative juices he loves to see in the movies that he makes. Said he about his latest.

“A Girl and A Guy”.

“I dont really write scripts. In the few times I tried, I was honest enough to pass it on to other writers to fix it and do a better job than me. The last script I wrote from start to finish was On The Job way back in 2009. Then I passed it on to @michikuda to finally know that what I wrote wasn’t really much.

“I write the scripts that matter to me. But I’m honest enough to write them just to put all my thoughts on it and have a real writer have a crack at it. If I try to write something, that means it’s personal to me.

“After OTJ, I wrote this script for “A Girl and A Guy”. A story unlike anything I would make. I wrote AGAG mainly because I wanted to figure something out. To understand the present generation. I wanted to understand the generation of my kids @audreymatti and @nicoleomatti.

“This AGAG to me is the story of a generation. Much like how “Breakfast Club” and “Reality Bites” were to most of my generation.

“This is not a romcom by the way. There’s love and comedy, yes, but this to me is an unflinching look at the harsh realities the Gen Z’s face now in dealing with their lives. I wanted to make a film that has all the fun, chaos and in-your-face truths about a generation that I have now come to respect but not necessarily agree with. And to tell that story, I couldn’t tell it without all the messy things the generation goes through including sex. Because what’s integral to this generation apart from love friendship family and career, is the exploration of their physical intimacy and experimentation to get to where they want to be, with success or with failure.

“I can only try to talk about a generation I am neither part of or have any knowledge about them without passing any judgment handling each of these characters as human as possible with all its strengths and frailties, just like they were my own children. With honesty and irreverence and without the Tita sugarcoating.”


AND from Direk Erik’s bosom friend and producer Dondon Monteverde:

“For months my business partner and director Erik Matti @erikmatti and I were trying to figure out who could best portray the role of Andres Bonifacio on our very first historical film venture “Maypagasa”, There is Hope.

“In case you are wondering why we are calling the film “Maypagasa”, it is the codename of Andres Bonifacio in the Katipunan. After months of deliberation, our hands down choice is non other than the Honorable Mayor of Manila Isko Moreno @isko_moreno.

“The picture above alone shows the close resemblance of the two great men of action and not men of words when it comes to getting things done. Both Bonifacio and Yorme were both born in Tondo, Manila. Both were also theater actors. These are just some of the natural qualities both men have in common.

“Erik and I are thankful that Yorme has committed to the project and is ready to go back again to his love of acting for the big screen. Of course with a qualifier that his job as the Mayor of Manila would come first over the filming of this movie. Can’t wait for the first day of shoot to happen and Its definitely happening soon! #maypagasa #thisisreality #regalentertainment #virtualplayground.”

FOR generations past and present. And for the ones to come.

FIERCE! The Erik Matti touch! (30)

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