BY: Pilar Mateo


I SENT THE QUESTIONNAIRE to some of our celebrities. To share their thoughts, when posed with these queries. We have to thank the one who thought of it.

Comedienne and actress Candy Pangilinan was one of the first who answered.

  1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would do everything I can do. Invest. Open a business. Or maybe open a school then that’s about it. Etc.

  1. Who thinks you’re beautiful when you wake up in the morning?

My son and myself. Hahaha

  1. How are you, really?

Tired. But happy

  1. How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do?

The same as today. Maybe more humble because of the responsibility and accountability.

  1. Are you finding your dream job or are you creating it?

Both. Doing it and creating it.

  1. If there was a solution to your anxiety, how would it look like?

Peaceful. In the beach with kids running and Quentin sitting beside me happy

  1. When was the last time you did something for the first tine?

Last week

  1. What would Beyonce do?

I don’t know…maybe dance and sing for joy

  1. What of there was a _ that could _____l

Medicine , heal

  1. Why are you worth knowing?

I’ve become a new person of God

  1. What or who lights you up?

God, QUENTIN, family, spiritual counsel, friends

  1. How do you treat people who can donothing for you?

Same. I should treat them even better. They could be my ticket to heaven

Candy continues to be the Super Mom for her Quentin.



“Shifting to a healthy lifestyle is no joke! Sorry to be a little discreet, ayoko nga ipakita ung maliit kong sugat sa paa na nangingitim na. 😪🦶🙏 Bilang Diabetic.

“But i have the need to share this, to people like me. Para wag nyo tularan ang eating lifestyle ko! I binged a lot! 😌 The last thing na ayaw kong mangyari sa’kin ay ang maputulan ng paa! 🦶but beliv me , changing my eating habit will be very difficult for me whereas you cannot imagine! It’s gonna be so hard&sad! How ironic! 😌

“When i was young & struggling, i wanted to eat all the food that i want, by the time i can already afford it, hindi na pede. 😪 Mag 18 lng anak ko, at makamit ko lng yung minimithi ko para sa knya? Quota na’ko! When i reach 60 boundary, na’ko. I only live for her. 🙏 2nd to GOD. 📖

“I don’t wanna grow old kung d ko nman kseng healthy c Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile at hindi ako kseng ganda ni Ms Gloria Romero. 🤣 Mataas man ang pangarap, i don’t wanna be good for a laugh when i’m old. Even if i am a comedienne. People can laugh with me but not to ridicule me.

“Neither to be a burden in the society and to my daughter. I am never afraid to die lalo na i know where I’m going after this so called LIFE.

“Takot lang ako sa process of how I’ll die and leaving behind my daughter so young. Morbid, pero i always pray kay Lord na sana sabay na lng kmi ng anak ko, kht kelan nya gusto, depends on His perfect will but may God grant us an unburdened, sudden, graceful, meaningful & victorious death. LIFE IS UNCERTAIN!

“Totoo ito… You can never tell. Just a sharing, choose to do what’s right and not what we want. Let’s count our lives for God’s glory thru CHRIST for tom we shall all die…Savor every moment…Spend time wisely and live healthy! 🥦🥒🍎 choose ur battles & do not stress urself too much! Yun lng ma-iimpart ko sanyo!🤣 And say a little pray’r for me after reading this!🙏🙏🙏😌🦶💃”

Marissa and her daughter are now staying in the US of A with relatives and friends.

Her last project was “FPJs Ang Probinsyano”.


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