BY : Rosahlee Bautista

His career started when pandemic strikes but it didn’t stop nor discouraged him. His manager Throy Catan of TJC Productions Entertainment is so hardworking and keep pushing the young man to his limits. They never stop a bit nor doubt that they could not make it, despite of the situations. They just simply do what they’re supposed to do. To keep on trying. To keep on performing. To keep on singing and even acting.

John first appeared in “SEE-NGER”, a segment from a musical reality show, “I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE.” After that, a bigger door opened for him. He was cast in “CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU,” he also got a part in “MAMASAPANO,“ and soon, will be joining big stars in “BRATINELLA, ” Marinella Moran’s first project as a movie producer. Target of shooting will be this July.

He is also in the youth-oriented show “THE DADADOS.” His first single “A SINGLE SMILE “was launched last February, 2020. He promoted his debut and original single on Letters and Music that year.

And just recently his second single “TANGING PAG-IBIG KO,“ was launched last week. You can listen to the two singles in all digital platforms. Music by Elmer Blancaflor and Lyrics provided by Romer Timbreza. Produced by EV Music and John’s manager Throy Catan (TJC Entertainment Productions).

You can see the transformation from this young man. From his looks to his career. He really takes it by heart. He was trained in acting by movie and stage director George Vail Kabristante, a UP alumnus and tabloid and broadsheet writer/editor, one of the founders of BALINTATAW FILM & THEATER ARTS, which held acting workshops and productions for theater and films in the direction of Cecile Guidote’s advocacy (founder of PETA).

Watch out for John Arcenas as he shines as one of the Teenage Talk show hosts, every Friday afternoon, from 4 to 5 in EuroTV. The said show will be launched this afternoon. Kudos to you John Arcenas and to your manager, Throy Catan!

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