Daniel R. Fernando, People’s Governor

Who doesn’t remember the name Daniel Fernando? That name rings a bell. He is not just a notable actor, but also as successful politician. A wise political leader who realize that the great public is interested more in government than in politics.

He is the 34th and incumbent Governor of Bulacan. As we all know, he formerly worked as an actor in films and television. And he made a mark on this one, too. He won Best supporting actor in PMPC for his role in Ikaw Lang ang IIbigin in 2017, ABS-CBN. He has the best of two worlds.

Born Cesar Fernando Ramirez in May, 1962, his origin is in Guiguinto, Bulacan. Governor Fernando is in his first term as Bulacan governor. He previously served as vice governor and board member of the province. He started his political career as an SK Chairman.

As an actor , he started in the movies like “Scorpio Nights” in 1985 with Anna Marie Gutierrez and “Macho Dancer” in 1993. He has also appeared in some TV programs. He was also cast in the Malvar movie, starring Sen. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao as General Malvar, which was scheduled to be shown on the big screen this year but since the pandemic this is on hold.

The good looking governor turned 59 last May 2 (but it doesn’t shows) . And like the majority , his wish is for this pandemic to be contained soon and for it to eventually end. “The enemy is strong and invisible, and until such time that a medical solution is presented to us and to the world. Whether it is a medication to cure, or a vaccination to prevent people from getting it, all we can do is to pray and find ways in order to prevent its spread,” he said.

He and his team have been so hardworking, aiming to improve the lives of his constituents. Selflessness is not even close to describing how the unassuming and very humble Fernando performs his role as governor.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, “We will overcome,” he affirmed, adding, “We will continue to keep the faith, we will continue to combine strategic actions and a strong will, so more people will be protected and shielded from the enemy. It’s shaping up to be a tough year, but we will make it through.”

The year 2020 has been extremely challenging for Fernando. Last February, 2020, he lost his mother Luningning, who passed on due to a lingering illness. The governor loved his mother so much.

He was saddened, too with the death of Peque Gallaga, director of his very first film, Scorpio Nights. He was just a student at the University of The East when he auditioned for that film which opened a door for him in the showbiz industry. He made a name playing the role of Danny, the peeping Tom in Scorpio Nights. He considers the late director’s passing as a great loss to the industry. He changed the course of the governor’s life and he will always be grateful to that.

The Governor is also known as very kind and generous to his fellow actors, he supports people in the business who needed his help, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been almost a year after Fernando assumed the governorship of one of the largest provinces of Luzon, and he continues to lead his constituents with such passion, integrity and commitment. “Especially at this time, I have to admit that this is perhaps the most challenging role I have ever taken on in my life, but public service is a calling. I heeded the call, and I will do my best to continue serving the public.”

He walks the talk. If there is one thing that just about everyone believes is among the most important leadership qualities of a politician, it’s honesty. He is compassionate. Active listener to the plight of people.

The people of Bulacan are lucky to have Governor Daniel Fernando as their father. Bulacan is one of our biggest provinces and leading it is a very challenging job. Having responsible leader in the governing body is important because he is the decision maker of the whole province and other public affairs.

As of this writing the good governor launched his new program; DF Kumustahan at Ayuda (to all Homeowners Association of Bulacan). June 1 (today) from 1PM he caters to District 1, 2 and 3. And tomorrow June 2, 9AM will be District 4.

Kudos Governor Fernando! Keep up the good work.

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