BY: Pilar Mateo

SOMETHING to know about Addison’s Disease.

“It is also called adrenal insufficiency, an uncommon disorder that occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough of certain hormones. In Addison’s disease, your adrenal glands, located just above your kidneys, produce too little cortisol and, often, too little aldosterone 24 Nov 2020”

An Abellana has been hit by it a very long time ago, when he was about three or four.

Dino (Bernardino) Abellana lived with it most of his life. To the present.

“I grew up with it, Ate Pi! There would he attacks. Maintenance. But now, am okay na. Living a normal life.”

Brother to actor Rey, (the father of Carla and would be father-in-law of Tom Rodriguez), Dino was the one who enjoyed singing.

“Si ‘Sot (a term of endearment for Rey), continued na with acting. Si Papa was the one who made me shine when in one of their parties (Papa worked sa Escolta branch of PNB) he made me sing. Naalala ko pa my song, “In Your Eyes” of George Benson.”

Dino was part of “It’s Showtime’s” “Tawag ng Tanghalan”.

“Though I didn’t make it sa finals, I had a wonderful time. To be able to share my talent on national television and maalala pa ng tao na I still sing kahit na I’m busy na rin with other businesses.”

The other brother who, like Rey dabbles in acring and singing is Jojo. Who also inked a contract with Viva Management (thanks to Tita Aster Amoyo) was part of the late Kuya German Moreno’s “That’s Entertainment”.

“We are just thankful na nabigyan pa kami ng chance ni Boss Vic (del Rosario) to be part ng mga series ng Viva, like ako kasama sa soon-to-be shown na TV version of “Puto” and sa”Mamasapano” of Boracho Films.”

Dino prefers to remain single, while Jojo, who has kids from a previous relationship has his significant other Jacque who loves and works in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Another brother, who is also a good singer Noli stays in Japan and Martin lives with Jojo and Dino.

If a show will be produced featuring the voices of the brothers Abellana, it would be a great treat for music lovers! Different styles, different voices.

Pandemic…still. But whatever each is doing in his life, music will always be their passion.

Said Dino, “It helps a lot when friends, even relatives invite us to their parties or events to sing professionally.”

Molded in a close-knit family, there are nights when they would get-together, sing their hearts out in their karaokes at home, after a boodle fight prepared by themselves who are also good cooks in the kitchen.

Life after all, is family. Family is Love. And it is music that holds all of them together!



“Namili na si Kuya Josh, gusto na nya talagang tumira sa Alto (our family compound) in what he calls “lola’s house”, in Tarlac… malapit na ang birthday ng panganay ko (June 4), through my cousin, ate @celdasan we reached out to Gov Susan Yap. Nag prepare kami ng 800 grocery bags (thank you for helping me with my order Puregold and UniPak) that kuya josh will turn over to Gov Susan to share w/ families she feels will benefit most from his birthday outreach.

“The 3 of us said our goodbyes yesterday afternoon… Pabalik na kami ni Bimb to our serviced residence while the condo we’ll be leasing is being readied.

“We are not a perfect family, nagka mahabang tampuhan yung 2 boys BUT nakuha talaga sa dasal, pasensya, at pagmamahal- finally kahapon naramdaman kong nabalik na yung dating higpit ng yakapan at kulitan/lambingan nung dalawa.

“I can share that story because it’s about my sons & me… my family is not just limited to my 2 boys, alam n’yo how important my sisters & brother are to me, BUT they value their privacy and i totally respect that I can share my life but not our lives.

“In time I hope I can tell you more because you deserve to know why i have so much more to learn & do to be worthy not only of being the daughter of my parents BUT to earn the privilege of being “bunso”, (tawag n’ya sa kin fondly or pag-umiiling na lang) of the most humble, trustworthy, capable, dignified, and morally upright man I am so blessed to have as my brother.

“Uunahan ko na bago lagyan ng kulay pulitika at mag wild na naman ang trolls- i am writing this because of LOVE. Kailan ba naging masama mahalin ang mga anak at kapatid mo? Sa dami ng toxic na negativity ngayon hindi masama na mag share ako na bilang pamilya, BUO, may respeto, at nagmamahalan kami.

“I have said repeatedly- i am not interested in politics now. BUT it is my right to protect our family’s name & honor.

“Sabi nga ni Avril Lavigne from her song WARRIOR: i pick my battles because i know I’m gonna win the war. 💛”



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