BRAND NEW SHOW OF EUROTV ‘TEENAGE TALK’ Hosted John Arcenas and Irene Solevilla

Euro TV’s launching a new show – TEENAGE TALK . This show will cater to the Gen Z, it’s entertaining, fun, and informative, It will be hosted by two talented and versatile newcomers John Arcenas and Irene Solevilla Both teens are paving their way in acting and singing.


TEENAGE TALK is like CAN WE TALK? It will be the voice of the GEN Z. Our world is in chaos, everyone’s focused is in politicking, consolidating wealth and power, pandemic is killing hundreds of thousands, which also results to economic breakdown, and a lot of overwhelming issues, even natural disaster. In this show, we will go back to the basic. Let’s hear your thoughts and concerns. Voice out the topics you love to talk about except those big topics already mentioned.

Not limiting to playing ML , killing time with your cellphone and social media through FB, Instagram or Lyka, asking for GEMS from Erika Snow and others. In this times of crisis, a lot of people are having emotional breakdowns and mental burdens, so TEENAGE TALK is just timely. In this show, everybody can talk about their interests, activities, friends, family, and those common issues, personal and romantic relationships, personality, future goals, food, things that scares you to simple topic such as what makes you laugh today. It’s a sensible free talk.


John Arcenas first TV appearance was in “See-nger”, a musical reality show, “I Can See Your Voice”. After that exposure, ceaseless opportunities followed. He is a part of a romantic-comedy film “Crazy In Love With You”, he is also one of the cast of a biopic drama “Mamasapano” and soon, he will be doing “Bratinella.” He is also a part of a youth-oriented show “The Dadados” and launched his first single “A Single Smile, “ released last February produced by EV Music and his manager Throy Catan’s TJC Entertainment Productions. Just recently, his second single, “Tanging Pagibig Ko”, with the same composer and musical arranger Elmer Blancflor and Romer Timbreza . if you love “A Single Smile”, you will surely love “Tanging Pag-Ibig ko.” You can listen to the song in all digital platforms.

When it comes to singing, Irene Solevila is a minstrel. Her career kickstart in “Tawag Ng Tanghalan,” of “ Ït’s Showtime.” After that it gee up to many projects. She is also cast in “Crazy In Love With You,” “Mamasapano,” and “Bratinella.” She also appeared in an online comedy show, “Pamilyang Labu-Labo.:

So if you want to distract yourself from what’s happening in the world and in your sorroundings, and be entertained , check and dive to our BRAND NEW SHOW – TEENAGE TALK every Friday afternoon, from 4 to 5, for a healthy dose of fun, laughter and all the good stuff. This coming friday are the pilot episode of TAT with special guest like’s Erika Mae Salas, Carlo Mendoza & Ara Altamira .

TEENAGE TALK is produced by CEO/Founder: Danilo B. Mangahas. Zhei Soriano will be directing it. With Brenchie Aniel & Vanessa Cleofas as Technical Directors. Sam Martos and TJC Entertainment Productions headed by Pres : Throy Catan as floor director Jo-Marie Bala is the Assistant Editor & Marketing Head and Roujay Adora as Production Assistant.

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