BY: Pilar Mateo

PEOPLE ARE WONDERING. WHO HE IS. seen in almost all gatherings, hobnobbing with celebrities, getting into the ins and out of their lives. In this biz we call show.

Who is Toni Co?

“Nag start ako as P.A. (Production Assistant) sa “Family Kwarta O Kahon” ni Tito Pepe (Pimentel), Juice ko! Ang tagal na! hahahahaha (high school days).

“Then I started acting nung kinuha ako ni Direk Will Fredo for a role sa movie niya na “Filemon Mamon” as Fitness Instructor. Hahahaha ang payat ko pa nun 2015 yata yun if I’m not mistaken. Hahaha! Tapos may mga ilang indie films na din akong nagawa, pati sa Cinemalaya hehehehe. Then kinuha ako ng DC Bayong as their Ambassador (pero wala ng DC bayong now mula nung nagpandemic).

“Nag try din akong mag-produce ng movie. ‘Yung “Ned’s Project” ni Angeli Bayani kung saan siya na nanalo’ng Best Actress sa Cine Filipino at nanalo rin kaming Best Film that time, at ang “Traslacion” na nanalo rin sa Soho International Film Festival in New York for Best Documentary Film.”

And now, there’s a show. A no-holds barred one with his good friend Mel Martinez.

“It’s a lifestyle magazine show and will stream every Tuesday at 7-8 pm at K5 Digital Media FB page and YouTube.

“Me and Mel, we’ve been friends for more than 8 years. Nagkakilala kami sa restaurant niya in Cucina Ni Bunso. From then on naging close naman na kami kaagad. Naging 2nd home ko na ang Cucina Ni Bunso.

“May time din na dun ako nag-Christmas sa kanila. That kind of friendship. Alam mo yun, ‘pag nagtinginan kayo eh nagkakaintindihan na kayo… hehehehe.

“Kaya sobrang saya ko na magkakasama kami dito sa “The Mel & Toni Show”. Naku Ate Pilar, masaya ito! Good vibes lang tayo dahil yun ang kailangan natin lalo na sa panahon ngayon.”

A friend to one and all.

“Well I Am Toni Co… hahahahaha Charot lang Ate Pilar! Siguro sa pagiging totoo ko lang sa kanila… ‘Yun naman talaga ang dapat ‘di ba? Dapat maging totoo ka lang sa kahit na sino, celebrity man yan or not. And always Choose to be Happy in any situation.”

Add to that that people are speculating that he is an investor in Lyka Gems. Well, that would be another story!

THE OTHER pea in the pod needs no further introduction. Apart from being known as the Diamond Star’s bro, his achievements as an actor speaks for the genius of an actor in him, starting when he’s a child actor.

Now, Mel is the other half in the show with Toni!

“Hi ate! “The Mel and Toni Show” is an online talk show that aims to give good , fun, entertaining content to our viewers . The show has values as well.

“We are grateful that star A’s academy produced this show. Salamat dahil nakita nila ang kakulitan namin ni Toni na good vibes lang that’s why they produced it .

“They can expect joy , laughter they will learn a lot from the show and weekly we have special guests to have fun with us too 😎👍♥️ Thank you ate Pilar 😘

Let us in on some of the things we’ll see and hear! The treatment.

“It feels great dahil we are about to showcase a different type of talk show. The viewers can expect good contents of the show. It is fun , entertaining, it has vlogs , we have prizes to give away and we have cool celebrity guests to enjoy the show with.”

Appearing to be like long lost brothers or is it sissies for that matter, the two have become inseparable. The pride of every family.

“Like what he said, when we met, hindi na kami naghiwalay. Very real and totoo kasi siya. Kaya kami nag- click. Wala kaming arte sa katawan at hindi kami maarte. I short, wala kaming issues sa buhay.”

Who is Mel, who is Toni? They are as one, two peas in a pod!

Make your Tuesday Nights special by spending it with them! (30)

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