BY: Pilar Mateo


“Ngayong araw na ito ay espesyal para sa pamilya namin. Today we celebrate our graduate @callieahmee 🎓 (incoming college na sya 🥺😍)

“Sa lahat ng mga magulang na kagaya namin ni @boyetahmee @papaboyetonline this day is a day we’ve always prayed for, worked hard for and hoped for.

“Salamat Ate Callie for finishing high school and finishing it with flying colors pa 🥺 Ang hirap ng panahon ngayon, the struggles and hardships that our students have to go through are not easy. And often as a parent, we come across situations where there is just nothing else we can do but let our children figure things out for themselves. Eto na yung natututo tayo to LET GO and LET GOD.

“I even feel it’s extra hard to reach this milestone now with all that’s been happening to us, as families, as a society. So to you anak, for making our hearts beam with pride, joy and contentment.

“Naiiyak ako habang isinusulat ito kasi nagfflashback sakin lahat ng hirap at sarap ng daan na nagdala sa atin dito. I remember the times when we weren’t sure how we were going to pay for your tuition, asking help from our parents, working extra days and hours just to make sure you have everything you need in school.

“The road was bumpy, filled with roadblocks but the journey to this moment cannot compare to the the gratitude in my heart for you, your teachers, our family , your classmates, your friends and your ninangs who have inspired you and empowered you with all things good traits that you needed to come to this point 👑 you are a true queen ate and one day, I wish you’ll feel the same way we are feeling now for you 🥰”

As the household prepares for its Dimples shared the moments before that BIG day.

“Today was a day of beginnings and ends. And from what I learned, whether it is a hello or a goodbye, we always end up becoming a whole different person – same but different somehow.

“Finished my NYU class at 4am, slept for a bit, woke up at 7am to iron Amanda Ahmee ‘s hair in time for her high school graduation rites, slept a bit then woke up again in time for her 9am program, worked on my class presentation in between, finished at lunch, celebrated over lunch, got ready for the Mom and Me event with Callie, went straight to shoot for a passion project of my new friends for CiCP.

“Then got ready for a mentoring session with my four kids , Brent, Drey, Luis and Ramona with the one only Inang who generously shared with us her time and wisdom then rushed to be in my NYU class for my brand presentation 🤗 now MOVIE NIGHT with the family. Lord you give me strength. If you’re like me who continue to transfer from one mtg to the other, I feel you. Busy is a blessing. My grateful heart is full. Goooodnight.”

WHAT a life she has. Something filled with so much gratitude!


OVER at the other side of the globe, the Divine Diva has found some solace in the company of her significant other, Conrad Onglao. As well as her family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Hi! Here’s another personal vlog launching tonight at 7pm!


“I’m so blessed that Conrad decided to take me to the States to finally have my check up. I’m done with my MRI and all the tests I need. I’ve not only seen a nerve specialist but an OB gyn and had all the necessary tests I needed.

“The pain I was experiencing had something to do with my facet and glad that I could manage it better with proper strengthening ab and lower back exercises. I’m also on new medication.

“Most exciting part of our trip is seeing my family here in Las Vegas! A lot of you might not know that my family has been in Vegas for almost 40 years now. Time flies, doesn’t it?

“I wasn’t even sure when the next time seeing my family was. But certain circumstances gave us the opportunity… and I’m happy to be here.

“My parents are both in their 80’s and I thank God for their good health. I’m praying that I could get to visit them at least once a year. Or that my Mama could visit the Philippines and see her namesake Casa Esperanza and Esperanza Farms! She’s excited to visit us and see her siblings and her apos.

“I thought of filming our trip since it’s special to Conrad and I. We haven’t travelled together abroad in a long while (Sabi ko ok na din kasi nakaipon tayo for our projects). It’s also our first time to take JAL to the US. So… join us on our flight! Love to everyone.”

ADMIRABLE WOMEN of their time. A few good empowered women!

Cheers to them! (30)

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