A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s how two-year old You-Tube child sensation Alexander Robin projects his angelic looks. He becomes so comfortable and accustomed to the camera. When it clicks and it’s on, he plays and naturally poses in front, showing his innocent and natural moves and charming smile. He always knows when to break the ice. A real stunner.

The young boy’s destiny in showbiz is as clear as glass. It will be a piece of cake. It’s hard to dismiss. As a matter of fact, he is already in the limelight, even without formally venturing into it yet.

Singapore based actress Marinella Moran, the boy’s mom, is too overwhelmed with the left and right publicity his son is getting. She is ready to throw caution to the wind because she can clearly perceive that it’s heading to that direction. When she arrives in the Philippines, she has to make hay while the sun shines, hitting two birds with one stone.

The mom of the youngest You Tuber is set to making her comeback in show business and not only just a comeback but to produce a film which will tackle women empowerment , and will focus on the essential characteristics of the film. It’s will work on the quality. Intensity, intimacy and ubiquity. She is so excited about her embryonic project, with a working title, “Brantinella”.

“I believe in the project and it will be worth the wait and worth the risk. ”Marinella firmly said.

“Amid the pandemic crisis, we should not be discouraged. The pandemic should not keep us from doing what we love. It should not stop us from taking the risk and just forgets about it. Covid-19 can’t kill the movie industry. It can’t kill a dream. Whether we like it or not, the pandemic will and must force us to try things that would be harder to do in regular times.“ She positively said.

“It’s been a while since I left the industry and now that I am seriously thinking about making a comeback, I want to make an impact. A solid representation within the industry. I am up to weather the storm.” She concluded.

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