AS SHARED by Ice Seguerra. Mommy “Caring” of showbizdom.

“Si mama…

“Hindi siya marunong mag-swimming pero siya yung nagturo sa akin lumangoy. Hindi siya artista pero siya ang pinakauna kong acting coach. Hindi siya singer pero siya ang pinakaunang voice teacher ko.

“Si mama…

“Hindi siya masahista pero siya lang nakakatanggal ng mga lamig ko sa katawan.
Hindi siya doktor pero lagi niya akong nagagamot kapag may sakit ako.Hindi siya driver pero siya ang nagbigay ng direksyon sa buhay ko.

“Ang nanay ko, she did all these and more. Out of love.

“Hindi naging madali sa sa atin ang buhay nitong huling taon, but I hope you know how you inspire mo to just go on with life and face all the problems. Kasi kung kinaya mo, alam kong kaya ko rin. Anak ata ako ni Caring!

“Happy mother’s day, mama. Napakaswerte ko na ikaw ang nanay ko.

“Mahal na mahal kita!!!


AND a tribute to that “other woman” in Ice Seguerra’s life! FDCP Chairman Liza Diño Seguerra.

“Our very own wonderwoman.

“Homemaker, chef, dancer, actress, CEO, wife, mother.

“Hanggang ngayon, it still amazes me how you can fill these roles. Pero swerte kami ni Amara (yes I am your baby, too) kasi ikaw ang ilaw ng tahanan na ito.

“Alam ko hindi naging madali to juggle these roles, but look at how far we’ve come. We’re raising a beautiful, smart, and independent daughter. Nakakatuwa coz everytime I look at her and hear her speak, parang ikaw!

“So smart, headstrong, compassionate, inclusive. Sabi nila, dun mo raw dapat i-gauge yung pagiging isang magulang, sa kung papaano napapalaki yung anak. Mahal ko, I can’t help but say kung gaano ako ka proud sa kanya.

“Hindi ka lang ilaw ng tahanan natin, pero ilaw ka rin ng FDCP. You’ve led your agency to be effective, people-oriented, inclusive, and more. Sa dami nang napagsisilbihan ninyo, I can’t help but be proud because I remember our late-night talks about your vision nung nagsisimula ka pa lanv and how you wanted to make a difference sa industriyang mahal na mahal mo. Well, love, nagkatotoo na lahat and you exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“So, this mother’s day, I want to tell you how blessed we all are to have you. To have you in our lives has been the greatest blessing. I, especially, am lucky because I get to see how amazing you are. Every single day.

“Happy mother’s day, my Liza. Our Liza. Thank you for being you.”


ACTRESS SHERILYN TAN, when away from the limelight of the movies and television is the star in her home. The Queen of her hubby Chris’ heart, the light of her children’s (Ryle, Paoie and Eia), life.

Her take on being a Mom.

“There are times when I ask myself If I am a good mother.. I wonder how my kids look at me and I often tell them its totally okay to let me know when they have issues with me on days I am not likeable or if they disagree with something I said or done majorly causing a great negative impact on our lives.. or whatever… without having to fear of me getting mad.

“Since 12MN and whenever I listen to this song, God help me, Inevitably, tears fall. Anya Sabrina Reyes Tan edited a really awesome video… Sebastian Tan wrote the lyrics and Chris Reyes the melody of the 7th song on Ryle’s album. Thank you my babies for honoring me. You took my fears away. This song answered the questions that have been lingering in my mind. You make me look good in other people’s eyes. 💙

“Times are tough but God never fails to pour out blessings in different ways. You guys and dad are my biggest blessings. Please know I need you as much or even more than you need me in your lives. I love you guys so much. Thank you for being the reason I survive. Sorry for my shortcomings and not so good choices. We’ll rise up 💙

“Sharing with you the lyrics of the song which Ryle wrote according to him based on my current state of mind.

“Sometimes in the night I cry
Then you calm the storm inside
As I lie awake, I pray that you’ll never go away

“I wont waste the life you gave
I promise to keep you safe
Nothing is as lovely as this girl before me
Dont you ever dare to take her away from me
For she is the sweetest woman I believe in
I wouldn’t trade the world in for our Sherilyne

“Whenever I’m with you I’m free
Nothing to worry about cause I know you’ll be there for me

“I wont waste the life you gave
I promise to keep you safe
Nothing is as lovely as this girl before me
Dont you ever dare to take her away from me
For she is the sweetest woman We believe in
We wouldn’t trade the world in for our Sherilyne
We are not alone you are our home.”

And home is where the Tan’s hearts are-in Sherilyne! (30)

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