BY: Pilar Mateo

JOEL LAMANGAN, with his very good friend Raquel Villavicencio is telling and have been wanting to share another story.

This time, the indefatigable director (how many actually is he doing in this pandemic wielded his artistic wand to newbies in the biz.

3:16 Media Networks boasts of a lot. They just have to wait for their turn. The appropriate season when they can shine the most.

Direk Joel saw his Rod and Ana in Marco Gomez (of Clique V) and Cloe Barreto (of Belladonnas).

The preview of “Silab” was set.

At the onset, the questions were already playing in all of our minds as to what to expect from the actors especially.

Daring to bare. Baring to be noticed and talked about?

The characters of Marco and Cloe plus actor Jason Abalos gave the viewers so many chances to get thrilled with the psychological play of what goes on in their minds.

Cloe’s character as Ana, required her to show the wife who has a mild mental disorder characterized by excessive anxiety, insecurity, obsession, usually compensated for by various defense mechanisms. As explained by the writer and the director, a woman who has obsessive-compulsive neurosis.

Was Cloe able to act the part?

Everyone in the preview at Wildsound Studios were unanimous in agreeing with direk Joel, that someone is following the footsteps of award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose. For a beginner delivering her scenes, Cloe was able to put herself into Ana’s character.

A complex character. Changing emotions every now and then.

No inhibitions. In daring. Breast exposure. Frontal nudity.

Jason as Emil, Ana’s husband, and Marco as Rod as Emil’s friend didn’t let go of the personalities they had to show the audience without giving away much of their true characters until the end.

Again. No inhibitions. Butt exposure. Frontal nudity.

In the blink of an eye, all of those will just be left to the imagination if you lose your attention on the big screen.

How did they fare?

Both the newbies were one in praying that their movie be shared sooner than soon and so excited to share it to the world.

They gave their best. They did all they were told to the letter. They were given a great support from seasoned actors- Chanda Romero, Lotlot de Leon and Jim Pebanco. Even another newbie from Belladonnas Quinn Carillo added color to the story’s turn.

Passing with flying colors, Cloe and Marco are all set to be featured in more projects as they can be proud to be considered actors now.

Pats on the back for a job well done are in order.

Looking closely at how Cloe and Marco stepped up to their challenge, direk Joel made actors in them. He brought out what was needed to be seen and felt in them.

“Silab” is their “pasabog” treat! (30)

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