BY: Pilar Mateo

TOMORROW, A great singer (from the bands he’s been part of, like Naughty Notes) will turn a year older. His 50th birthday!

Ahbet Padilla who is now based in Davao is presenting his “A Golden Night” on live streaming starting at 8 p.m. which he promises to be a night of music and laughter.

This is also his way of giving back and sharing his blessings to 50 chosen families of Carmelita.

Joining Ahbet and giving their most precious time are artists he has worked with and who became great friends along the way.

Chel and Cassy Venuti, Chad Borja & Abby Singson, Dulce & Jemimah Cruzata, Richard Reynoso, Malu Barry, Luke Mejares, Wency Cornejo, Marc Velasco, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Daniela Diva & Ricky Torres, Daphne Cabaguio Jocson, Queenie Smith, Tito Bemboi, David Mercado, Sesabeth, Marvin Live, RyeShure, RJZON, Sam Hollyman, Jamie B, and Zac Mojico are the celebrant’s features guests.

“A Golden Night” is presented by Carmelita Flower Girls, Carmelita Boys Over Flowers, Wacky Wednesday, Ihaw Serye Queen and Alientation.

At the onset of the pandemic, Ahbet was very helpful in hosting the project spearheaded by Chad Borja and Ms. Joey Albert to support our local musicians in the South. Dubbed as Sing Out By The South, it was Ahbet who held the show together by not just introducing the featured guests each night, but providing fun and laughter with the “tsika” he made with the artists.

It’s Ahbet’s time to shine. On his very special day. Sing out with him. Laugh. Get entertained. As he streams live on social media.

Direk Lawrence Calderon promises a night full of surprises for the birthday “girl”.

Click SessionsLive.com/Ahbetpadilla/live! Be part of a show for charity! (30)

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