BY: Pilar Mateo

CELEBRATING A MILESTONE. THE MEGASTAR and the Senator’s 25th life of being together. Through thick and thin.

And the Mega’s words, “Twenty-five years ago today, these two knuckleheads got married. The boy, now a Senator of the Republic, and the girl, a singer-actress-TV show host who has always had a hatred for politics, managed to stay together, raising the girl’s daughter, and two more girls of their own, plus a long prayed-for son who finally was gifted by the Almighty to them and was borne of his Mama’s heart.

“Needless to say, having survived life’s endless ups and downs together for 25 years has been nothing short of a miracle.

“To my “neighbor,” my “dork,” “dadeh,” “sutart,” “sumpart,” ex-boyfriend and husband, HAPPY SILVER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

“Imagine??!! Who’d have thought we’d make it this far? And with our four not-so-little knuckleheads at that!

“Thank you for being a strong head of this family – the greatest Dad on earth to our children, and though masungit, makulit and stubborn, a thoughtful and loving husband to me.

“Thank you for your Godliness and never-wavering faith in God; your endless reminders to trust in Him and to forgive those who have hurt us.

“I wish people could know you and the goodness of your heart the way we do…We are proud to be called your family. We love you and I look forward to kidnapping all our future grandchildren with you (and let’s not scare off all future spouses of our kids by saying we’re kidnapping our children too), and keep seeing you shake your head in quiet and loving acceptance as the dogs grow in number (hehehe…).

“Well at least you know your wife must truly have a golden heart if this is the way she loves the furbabies! Because how much more her own family?!

“Thank you for standing by me and being my rock. Thank you for just being you. Here’s to another few decades together, when I shall eventually look like your daughter (hahahahaha! Because you not a vampire like we are!). Love you, neighbor. Whew! 25! SILVER! Praise God now and forever.❤️🙏🏻😘🥰🎂🎉🍾🍻🎈🎊🎁🪅🥂🙌🏻

HOW SWEET it is to be married. And be loved all these years!


DIVINE DIVA has been immensely enjoying her “probinZSA” life as she gets to experience farming, gardening, fishing, walking her dogs in a life filled with bliss with partner Conrad Onglao.

She has found so many ways to enjoy her weekdays by a babbling brook, or atop a mountain, or just dipping in some lagoon before she faces the cameras in pandemic to sing to her fans together with her co-hosts in “ASAP Natin ‘To”.

This is the kind of life she so wanted. Far from the madding crowd.


CONGRESSMAN Alfred Vargas has found a way to spend time, not just with his constituents but anyone and everyone all over the globe who has questions they want to ask him. Via his live Zoom conference.

This is done at the start of the week. On a Monday morning. A productive and creative day, as he says to make it a great week.

Together with his Councilor brother PM Vargas, their constituents in Quezon City’s District 5 are blessed with health care, ayudas from the pantry, and even giveaways with the raffle they do every now and then where prizes from bikes to laptops and other gadgets shared by the brother’s friends are at stake.

But what keeps Alfred’s life really complete is spending time with his wife and kids.

His comfort zone is when he gets to play and listen to his favorite songs in his turn-table.

How about two TOTO albums for a gift?


THANKFUL that he and brother Jojo have been recognized by Viva Films to be made as contract stars, Rey Abellana, even in the time of pandemic is always raring to report to work, even if it means doing the health protocols or being in quarantine for weeks.

He has started doing his bit in Cignal TV 5’s “Encounter” portraying the role of Tatay Boyet, the security and driver of Cristine Reyes’ character.

They were supposed to resume taping in a bubble this week. But it was halted as some members of the crew tested positive and had to be quarantined. The taping will resume next week when everyone’s safe.

Movie projects are also waiting for the actor. He is waiting for that call slip in Boracho Films’ “Mamasapano” before he starts a new one with Viva Films.

While at home, Rey is the doting Dad to his kids Reysheel and RJ and the loving husband to wife Sheena. Helping in doing the groceries and other house chores, his reward is getting his Cochins from Batangas which he plans to breed and sell in the future.

Or, reminiscing when his old movies are being shown. His matinee idol days. His sexy bits as well.


I GET TO READ THE pieces of poems and writings of King Rodrigo, the husband of actress Boots Anson Roa.

His musings about just anything and everything he sees and experiences around him.

But the best things he shares in the life he shares with Tita Boots are the places they visit, the common things they share, like harvesting the crops they have planted un their gardens or the simple times with the binding they spend with their children and grandchildren.

Life as it’s meant to be lived!

Ain’t it such a beautiful life?

Even when there’s an ongoing pandemic, what keeps a person going is the love of his family and friends. And the faith which keeps them believe that yes, this too shall pass… (30)

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