BY: Pilar Mateo

THESE days, it’s so disheartening to open your Facebook account and see more than friendly greetings, messages of condolences and sympathies that greet you each day.

Of people close to you, leaving their love ones. At an uncertain time.

So, we still try to find grateful moments, blessed instances and thankful people for what each day gives them.

THE LOVESTORY of Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna has been liked and loved by the netizens. It might look a whirlwind romance but with the things they both share in their social media accounts, no one can say that LOVE is not present each time.

RUFFA GUTIERREZ with her sexy and lovely Venice and Lorin Bektas offspring have been readying herself when her two butterflies sets themselves off on their journeys in life.

ARA MINA has found her knight in shining armor in her Dave Almarinez. Their honeymoon in Palawan spells a great marriage ahead of them. Wanting more. Doing things together. Seeing their dreams in being together.

ROBIN PADILLA and his Mariel just enjoys their life and times with their two babies. Mariel keeping herself busy with sharing her cooking lessons. While Robin helps out so many farmers in hi EBC Net25 show.

THESE are the kinds of scenes I keep on looking at in my account. The faces of love. Couples so in love. Starting out a lifetime together. A mother. A Dad.

For a few moments. They share the happy moments that life has offered them. How they make each waking hour special. And how they continue to fight in life.

And it is the truth in their lifetimes. Being shared with us!

To see their faces of love. Even for just a while. (30)

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