BY: Pilar Mateo

GODFATHER PRODUCER JOED Serrano got tied to his bed when the CoVid-19 virus didn’t spare him from experiencing its wrath.

But while doing his quarantine, and following all the health protocols he needed to do, his mind continued to work.

And by work, it meant thinking of the people around him who had no work to boot.

So, while in his bed, and constantly checking on his talents and friends, Joed thought of helping his wards who have businesses by helping them with the sales and at the same time sharing their products to his friends.

His first was from an alaga’s Fuzione. Piping hot tub of lasagna, with empanaditas and a can of dessert are the treats delivered right to his friends’ doorsteps.

After just a few days, his very good friend Meg Perez has been asking for addresses and phone numbers of Joed’s friends from the press.

Meg has his own Megilitas Kyusina where beef burgers and mga luto’ng bahay viands are served with matching milk tea.

“Panalo” and so yummy is how those who have tasted Meg’s “Kusina” fares reacted.

This time, “alaga” Ricky Gumera’s Papz sent to his press friends dried fish products, vinegar and longganisa. Again, courtesy of Godfather Joed.

It is Joed’s strong faith in the Lord, which has kept him afloat in the time of pandemic.

From his own words, “Ayan labas ka kasi ng labas tapos ang tapang tapang mong di nagmamask! Tulala ka tuloy ngayon tsk tsk tsk!😔😔😔”. Which resulted in a 14 day quarantine.



The producer in him didn’t leave the super sipag producer and manager.

While his desktop is on hold for the projects he has started to work on, his cellphone is the busiest. Telling them of the tasks especially those who have selling businesses to boot to take care of his press friends, especially.

From Meg, his dried products are up for grabs as well. And Joed is his number one suki.

“TUYO man sa paningin ng iba, malansa at mabaho sa pang amoy ng ilan, ngunit sa amin ito’y senyales ng KASAGANAHAN !

“Ang kasipagan ay hindi natatapos sa salita lamang bagkus ito ay pinatutunayan! Wag minamaliit at sini sino sino ang pagtitinda nito, dahil itoy isang marangal na trabaho. Lumalaban ng malinis at patas.

“Ready na mga ka MEGILITAS ang aming masasarap na Quezon Authentic Products na bitbit ko ngayon paluwas ng kamaynilaan tulad ng Sapsap, Tamak, Dilis ,Tamban!

“Hindi rin patatalbog ang best selling Longganisang Hamonado ng Lucena, Longganisang Lucban, Tinapa Lucena Espesyal , at ang sako sakong pancit miki para sa kinaiibigan ninyong CHAMI Tams Anghang.

“Kaya abang abang mfa friends dahil mabilis maubos ang ating mga masasarap na produkto. Paluwas na at raratsada na agad agad ! Sa mga RESELLERS natin, game na ! Ok

“Dahil sa MEGILITAS KYUSINA, siguradong busog ka dito!”




Now you know the drill, text and message lang their numbers to place your orders. Or visit their websites.

Blessings galore. For sure, there’s more!

Joed’s found the happy pill that keeps him well! (30)

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