Hollywood blogger MJ Racadio, the new podcast host of Cut! Print. Podcast Network

“After seven years, I’m home in the Philippines.”

This is what US-based Filipino blogger MJ Racadio says during his interview with rock legend Jett Pangan. MJ is not here in the Philippines. In fact, he’s currently in Los Angeles, California. He feels at home now because he’s the new talent of Cut! Print. Productions.

Cut! Print. Productions is home to chart-topping podcast shows such as Sleeping Pill with Inka Magnaye (#1 on Spotify), Jett’s Talk Show (hosted by Jett Pangan), It’s the Round Table (hosted by Brian Bonnie), Pop Emergency (hosted by Alwyn and Adrian), Covert Operations (hosted by Spade JM, V and Kurt Garcia), Jeck Talks Tech (the #1 tech news podcast in the country) and more.

Last Friday, April 16, Jett welcomed MJ warmly and talks about his life as a Hollywood blogger. He admits that he is still star struck to the Hollywood celebrities despite going to the biggest events (like The Oscars and Golden Globes) for seven years. One of the well-known stars he talked to were Bruno Mars, Darren Criss, Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Sorkin and more.

MJ pioneered the “75 Most Influential Filipino-Americans” where he listed down all the most influential Filipino-Americans in Hollywood. He explained how he created the list and why he made it in the first place.

“I came out with [this list] because I wanted to create… a movement that everyone can appreciate. That everyone come together. And for those Filipino-Americans who make it big, I wanted to recognized their hard work and really representing our culture in a very big way,” MJ said.

Catch MJ’s podcast, “BlogTalk Hollywood with MJ Racadio,” weekly only on Cut! Print. Podcast Network.

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