BY: Pilar Mateo


“My dear friends and loved ones,

“I would like to humbly share with all of you what I have learned in battling this virus that has also struck many families all over. I am doing this because I believe that my experience can be of help to others.

“Today is my 21st day of isolation since I had my positive COVID-19 result via Antigen Swab in a reputable laboratory and RT-PCR Test via Red Cross. I would say I am back 80% to my pre-COVID condition. I would probably rate my Covid condition from 1-10 at 8.5.

“I am determined to share my experience because I have noticed that for those few people who knew that I was Covid positive, they ask me questions on how to go about it. I am no expert, nor am I a doctor. I am just sharing what works for me and probably could work for others as well. Let me share with you what I have learned:


“2. Once there is a symptom from any of your family members and household, ISOLATE right away. Wait for 7-10 days for your RT-PCR Test. The incubation period for the virus, according to the laboratory owner that I spoke with, is 7-10 days.

“3. Have an OXIMETER at home. I cannot express more the importance of having this in every home. Please buy a good brand and not the very cheap ones. My oxygen level started to go down on the 5th day and has been down until the 12th day. Please inform your doctor from time to time about it. I did BREATHING EXERCISES EVERYDAY. I wanted to go to the hospital because of this, but I held on and trusted my pulmonologist. I have better chances back then to manage myself at home than take my chances in the hospital because of the unavailability of rooms. May I stress that it is VERY IMPORTANT FOR A DIRECT LINE WITH YOUR PULMONOLOGIST.

“4. Be BRAVE and FOCUS on the things you need to do to get well. Keep a positive outlook. You have to be MENTALLY STRONG and have the will to recover, especially on your worst days.

“5. DO NOT DEPEND on “some” of the HOME ANTIGEN TEST KITS. It gave my family and me a false negative result. I was already positive on my RT-PCR Test and Antigen Swab from the laboratory, and still, my antigen home test kit resulted in negative. It gives you a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY and FALSE SENSE OF HOPE. GO TO A REPUTABLE LABORATORY and take your RT-PCR TEST or Antigen Swab. Again I am speaking on “some” of the home test kits and not all.

“6. MINIMIZE SLEEPING ON YOUR BACK. Sleep sideways or “nakadapa.” It minimizes the pressure on your lungs. On my worst days, I had a hard time breathing. I had to lessen the pressure on my lungs.

“7. I took Ivermectin on my 7th day. Study shows from Australia that it kills the virus in 48 hours. I am not endorsing Ivermectin, BUT I BELIEVE IT HELPED me and the others that have taken it. I am no doctor, and again I am not endorsing this. I am just sharing what I believe helped me and what didn’t.

“8. HYDRATE AND EAT POCKET MEALS ALWAYS. This virus tends to deprive you of your appetite. I lost about 12 pounds in 2 weeks. I had no desire and had to eat forcibly. NOURISHMENT is key to your healing. EAT HEALTHY & HYDRATE WELL. I drink water every hour. Mix it with Hydrite as well if you can daily.

“9. I took PARACETAMOL every 4 hours. It helped me control my fever. It also helped alleviate my headache & body pain.

“10. On my 8th day, I thought I was on my way to recovery, but I went down the hill once again. BE PATIENT. This is not your regular flu. THIS VIRUS IS VERY TRICKY. There are many days that I thought I was getting better, but then my condition would dive down once more.

“11. Have a direct line with your PULMONOLOGIST / DOCTOR. Every doctor has their prescribed medication or “cocktail.”

“12. SEND MESSAGES OF LOVE & SUPPORT to friends and loved ones who are Covid-19 positive. LIFT THEIR SPIRITS. It really helps to know that friends and family are there praying and supporting you. MAKE THEM LAUGH. 😆

“13. Walk from time to time. Sit straight to breathe properly. THIS VIRUS WANTS YOU TO LIE DOWN. FIGHT IT OFF! It takes me a minute to sit down. It was difficult, but you have to force yourself to sit.

“14. HOME CARE is available from professional medical companies. I did not avail of this, but this is a good option for those that cannot get a room in different hospitals. They provide medical personnel and medical equipment 24/7.

“15. Have an X-RAY after you are COVID negative to make sure your lungs are okay.

“I hope this helps. Again, I am no doctor. I am not endorsing any medicine, nor am I an expert on this Covid-19 Virus, but I am just sharing what I have done and experienced to battle this virus that can probably help others recover.

“CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. God bless us all, and my heartfelt gratitude to those who cared for my family and me. Thanks DR. GREGORIO OCAMPO, my cousin DR. JOHN NITE, NANAY LANI and my dear HARLENE, and all of the people who have prayed and sent messages of love and support. God speed….

“Stay safe and happy always,

The unseen enemy is still out there. This is a battle we don’t know how to fight. But with the constant reminders on how to take good care of ourselves and keeping our strong faith in a Being we do not see as well-it is our faith in Him that will get us through this battle.

GOD IS good! Happy Great Day to you on the 15th of April!!! Enjoy the gift of LIFE! (30)

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