Marinella Moran spotted kissing with a French man in Singapore

“WHO’S that lucky man?”

This is what the netizens ask when they spot a photo of actress-producer Marinella Moran kissing a man in a café around Bugis Street, Singapore.

In the picture, they’re having a great time in their simple date. According to our source, the guy in the photo is a French-national living in Singapore for many years now. He’s rich, very sweet, and loving guy.

Until now, nobody knows the real identity of the guy. At the end, he and Marinella are having a great time.

For those who don’t know, Marinella became famous in the late 90’s. She comes from a wealthy family that owns a sugarcane plantation in Bicol.

She entered showbiz because she wanted to be an actress. At that time, daring films like ST and bold films were popular. One of her well-known films is “Sa Paraiso Ni Efren” (1999), “Dugo ng Birhen”, “El Kapitan (1999) and College Girls (1999).

Around mid 2000’s, Marinella went to Singapore where she changed her career as a business woman. Her beauty products “MM Beauty Soaps” were very successful there.

Marinella will return to go shoot on her film this year as an actress and producer. She’s the producer of her latest film, “Bratinella.”

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