BY: Pilar Mateo

FOR THEIR episode 192, #OAGOT (OVER A GLASS OR TWO) hosts Jessy Daing and JCas Jesse had the Tan Fam of actress Sherilyn Reyes, husband Chris and kids Ryle, Lorenz and Eia as their very special guests.

It’s the show’s first anniversary!

The podcast buzzed locally and internationally because of the fun and entertainment the erstwhile hosts share with the personalities they get to talk to from different time zones.

Jessy and Jcas, with the director JV lives in the heart of New York, USA.

The show came to be at the height of the pandemic in March 27, 2020.

What to do at a time when everybody in the world is being limited with so many things that has to be done as the CoVid-19 virus spreads faster than a speeding light.

The glib-tongued Jessy, matched with the funny and colorful personality of Jcas was born. It was their friendship that completed the picture.

The concept of the show started from just a simple idea. Wanting to put a smile in people’s hearts, inspire the viewers and listeners while raising awareness on what is going on with Filipinos from different walks of life all over the world and discuss about anything and everything under the sun while drinking their favorite drink concoction.

Said Jessy, “Parang simple “tsikahan” lang. With a friend from the neighborhood who happened to pass by your house. You invite them for a drink. Some chats. And gano’n lang. Where the chat goes is what makes the podcast exciting.”

The first podcast on the East Coast. It has started making waves for fans of celebrities from all parts of the globe who are very eager to hear about the latest about the different celebrities that are being featured on the show.

Thanks to a good friend Wena Paz, handler to stars like Gary Valenciano who introduced me to the dynamic duo of #OAGOT last year.

I got in and am very happy to be of help in inviting celebrities to guest in the show.

So, the podcast featured stories of artists from the Philippines and Hollywood-in the movies, television, theater, influential people, business entrepreneurs, overseas Filipino workers-every person who has a story to tell.

Powerful. Empowered. Influencers. Icons.

This virtual live podcast interview on their Facebook page has featured Boy Abunda, Loida Nicolas Lewis, Concert King Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, Angeli Pangilinan Valenciano, Pops Fernandez, Regine Velasquez, Jaya, Eric Quizon, Vina Morales, Luke Mejares, Jinggoy Estrada, Jim Paredes, RK Bagatsing , Jane Oineza, Princess Punzalan, Donita Rose, Blogger MJ Racadio, JoKoy, Tiktok Emperor Gardo Versoza and wife Ivy Vicencio, producer Shandii Bacolod and talent Nico Locco, Lord of Scents Joel Cruz, Arnell Ignacio, Dulce, STARGAZER, Paolo Santos, Chad Borja, ace photographer Raymund Isaac, Jong Cuenco, Raymond Lauchengco, Sinon Loresca, Alpuerta Sisters, Diane Paragas, Manny The Movie Guy, Christian Bautista, RS Francisco, Lara Quigaman and Marco Alcaraz, Jett Pangan, Chicser, Feng Shui Guru Marites Allen, Ara Mina, Roxanne Barcelo, Janet Susan Rodriguex and Ruben Nepales, TOFA’s Elton Lugay, Josie Harrison, Bugoy Drilon, Donita Rose, Ice Seguerra, Jamie Rivera, Rabiya Mateo, and the list just goes on and on.

And once in a while, they have a segment launched in October 2020, about stories of people who send their letters they feature. After reading the letter, Jessy and Jcas share their personal opinions and pieces of advice on what is being discussed. They invite an expert or celebrities who can help them analyze and share their two cents to the letter sender.

The show has been one hell of a stress reliever for those who have gotten used to having and sharing their glass or two with Jessy and Jcas.

Every podcast is special. So different from the last.

For Jcas, “Every episode is something we look forward to. Kasi, lagi’ng may element of surprise. Nagugulat na lang kami sa mga nasasabi, nasi-share na para lang talaga kayong nagkukwentuhan. That’s what makes the podcast tick. No holds-barred nga. Maraming bonus. Especially when the featured guest is a singer. Kakantahan kami or they will even play their instruments.”

Different strokes for different folks.

Unforgettable and fun is how Direk JV sees the camaraderie of his hosts in the show. Before each podcast, a good ten minutes is spent with the guest and Direk gets to see and hear the pre-show conversations and interactions of the hosts and who they will chat with. Breaking the ice!

Jessy, Jcas and Direk JV have been friends for more than ten years. They travelled & explored different places & countries for so many years.

JESSY, founder/host of Over A Glass Or Two, is not your typical Jane. She’s a very talkative person, she can cover a lot of subjects and topics in any “inuman” session. She was born in Quezon City but has been living in the United States for 21 years. She currently works at a prestigious corporate multi-billion hedge fund company in New York as an Information Manager.

Aside from her day job, she’s also an entrepreneur. She had a luxury authentic bags and accessories business for over 10 years on her Jessy Couture Facebook page. She also practiced professional makeup services for weddings and events, even diving as a makeup artist in New York Fashion Week.

Jessy worked at ABS-CBN Balitang-K as a Researcher after graduating in Communication Arts at Colegio De San Lorenzo. She also took up Construction Management at Rutgers University.

She was a breaking news anchor in RPN-9 before she decided to migrate to the US. A former TV host in a program called “iAmFilAm” which aired on The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Follow Jessy on:Instagram: @jessy_daing and Facebook: Jessy Daing

JESSE CASTRO aka JCAS is an online and real life “comedian” who loves to laugh and make people laugh. Armed with a degree in Architecture from Mapúa Institute of Technology, and minor design degrees in Parsons & Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NY. He was also an online host of “iAmFilAm.”

He is currently an Insurance Specialist for one of the biggest hospitals in Midtown Manhattan. JCAS also loves fashion and would love to launch his own line someday.

Follow Jcas on: Instagram: @jcas_nyc, Facebook: Jcas Jesse, Youtube: JCAS_NYC, Tiktok: @jcas_nyc

Podcasting. Livestreaming. Talking. Chatting.

How about TikToking?

Jessy says she’s not so into it. But given the prodding and “lambing” of Jcas, that is one feat that we will all look forward to. Just for fun!

It is their commitment to continue with the goals they have started that will keep the fire in their hearts burning.

Cheers! Let’s eavesdrop and clink our glasses with them, over a glass or two! (30)

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