BY: Pilar Mateo

“IT has been 1 year and 5 months since I closed my “MSB Talent Management”. Well to people who really knew me, It was my so-called Sabbatical leave.

FEBRUARY 9, 2020: International Actor, Model & Host NICO LOCCO signed a 5-year Exclusive Artist Management contract with Me. He left for Canada in March and after almost 12 months, he came back to the Philippines. And our work resumed! Tomorrow, another artist will sign and 3 more after Holy Week.


Well I guess, I never really left “talent management”

So cheers to #teamMSB

And Today, I pray that this pandemic will deteriorate the soonest!”

AND many people, not just her friends and colleagues in the ‘biz expressed how happy and glad they were with the comeback of the Kween, the inimitable Shandii Bacolod.

Sunday afternoon, he introduced his new talent. After signing a contract with Team MSB.

Iyo Canlas. His is an extra-ordinary story. Almost crushed to death when he met a vehicular accident years ago, even Iyo doesn’t know how he was able to pick up the pieces of what he thought was already a shattered life. And the end.

He led us back to those dark moments of his life. After the accident. When all he knew that he could do was play Tennis. Professionally.

“It took me three years to really open up about it. I wasn’t even sure. I couldn’t talk for years. Not even to my parents and the people close to me. Durog-durog ako talaga. I learned how to really talk. Therapy. Na-fracture din kasi ang spine ko. Kaya it took sometime before I could walk again.

“Since I was 7 years old, I’ve been playing Tennis na. I saw that sa brothers ko and ‘yun na ang ginusto ko. But after the accident, I distanced myself from everything and anything that was related to Tennis.

“Until opportunties opened up. The chance to study in Spain. Doon nakapag-continue rin ako ng Therapy. Malapit ‘ata ako sa injuries. Something came up. A rare injury. Mas dangerous. When I was able to hold my racket again and play, hindi naman kami nanalo.

“After graduating, there was an offer for me to work abroad. But that was the time na may dumating na commercials (Coca Cola, and more). That was the first time I found something na gusto ko talaga gawin. Back in the days, I used to act sa Theater. In Ateneo.

“Kaya sabi ko, I think showbiz found me. Nagkita kami ni Shandii sa Zoom. Virtually. Sa audition for the children’s show he is producing. My background in acting naman, are the workshops I took sa ABS-CBN. And nanonood ako ng movies. Doon ako nasabihan na mag-audition ako. We were asked to sing Bahay Kubo. And kasama ako sa natira sa mga nag-audition and now bibida in “The Dadadoos”.

Now, in the time of pandemic. What runs through Iyo’s mind.

“Often, the things we overlook, there lies the beauty in uncertainty. Up to now when I look back, yes I questioned din naman why it happened to me. But everytime na nakakalakad ako, I believe na may goals ako na I have to reach pa. ‘Yung every week na nakakalakad ako, just shows there is really something na I need to do pa with my life.”

To act. And is he willing to do the scenes required now for actors doing BL scenes?

“If it will help my career, for as long as it will be done in a good way, why not. I like to sing, too. I was offered na before. But just the same, I was still given a role. Of a best friend.”

Now, he’s treading a different path.

Iyo Canlas. Tennis star player. UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines). One of the top athletes of the country.

He passed through a dark tunnel in life.

But as he bravely says now, that car crash, that accident wouldn’t define who he is.

Iyo Canlas, is certainly Team MSB’s brightest find! A different perspective in life. Being an actor. (30)

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