BY: Pilar Mateo

THE MOMENT SHE raised her hand, when her manager as part of the Belladonas group, 3:16 Media Network, asked who would be willing to do daring scenes in future projects, like the movies, Cloe Barreto was very confident that she could!

It was a small role but the viewers took notice of her cute face, petite figure and yes, sexiness in “Anak ng Macho Dancer”.

Joel Lamangan was the director. And he gave a nod to Len Carillo that a launching movie is not far for the girl to rise.

And “Silab” came into being.

Paired with another 3:16 Media Network talent, from Clique V, Marco Gomez, a chemistry came to be.

Lamangan remembered a story he shares with Raquel Villavicencio who wrote its screenplay. A dark movie revolving around the longing for a love, while its flickering embers still lits with the passion wanting to come out.

A triangle cam to be with Jason Abalos as the third wheel.

As witnessed by those who were on a bubble set, most were already impressed with Cloe’s take on her role. A loving wife with a husband away from her. A woman longing for her needs.

Ably supported by Lotlot de Leon and Chanda Romero, their lives were entangled by simple truths affected by the daily grind of living and loving.

Direk Joel was happy with the results. Very eager to have it shown and shared to the public.

If rated, his applause for Cloe will be deafening. He is betting Cloe to be a contender in future awards.

Awards. And with the kind of genre Len and her production came up with, this will definitely pass to be part of international film festivals all over the world.

Cloe. What now? Baring and being daring.

“I am thankful kasi sa suporta, I was given all that. By Mama Len, mga kasama ko sa grupo and for Marco. I guess, malaking bagay na magkaibigan na kami ng matagal kaya rin hindi nahirapan si direk Joel as far as ‘yung pagsalang namin sa intimate and passionate scenes are concerned.

“Inamin ko naman na crush ko si Jason. Kaya alam ko, that helped me, too to get into my character. Basta when I got to our set, tuluy-tuloy ko ng niyakap ang katauhan ko. Hindi naman nawala ang kaba. Syempre, tinatanong ko pa rin ang sarili ko kung kaya ko ba talaga. I want my family to be proud of me.”

The happiness was punctuated by the death of a favorite uncle.

“I am sure magiging proud siya sa akin with what I would want to reach sa dream ko na maging bahagi ng showbiz. Unti-unti. With the guidance and support ng gusto’ng maabot ko ang pinangarap ko.”

Ready for her close-up? Oh, not just that pretty face to see. But everything and anything about her!

In three, two, one, “Silab” will spread like wildfire!


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