BY: Pilar Mateo

SNI had a chance to see the pictorial of “Silab” stars and director at Edward dela Cuesta’s Studio.

It was a very fine morning with the fierce sun slipping through the slits on the window sills. But later punctuated with a very brief pit-pattering of the rains.

Ealiest to arrive and got made up was award-winning actress Lotlot de Leon who portrays the mother of the “bida” to be launched in the movie, Cloe Barreto.

Producer Len Carillo made sure that her stars and director savor her so tasty chicken biryani for lunch. And more treats until merienda.

Little Isay (Len’s daughter) was happy to see her tito Jason with a pasalubong for her

By the looks of the emotions they still had to share and relive in their pictorials, “Silab” is a film that will be worth the wait.

Direk Joel Lamangan promises a whole new bunch of great actors in Cloe and Marco Gomez. Playing the third wheel in the love story is the very good actor Jason Abalos.

Here is the “pasilip” of the pictorial.

“Silab” is coming soon. A lovestory like no other that will take us to the edge of our seats.

The “secrets” they share will soon be out! Get ready! (30)

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