BY: Pilar Mateo

MENTION the name Kiko Rustia and a lot of things will come to mind!

The shows like “Born to Be Wild” (2007). And “Survivor Philippines” (2008). His hosting job even garnered him a nomination as Best Educational Program Host in the PMPC Star Awards for TV.

Who is he?

A father. Wildman. Wanderer. Time Traveler. Castaway. Diver. Paddler. Mountaineer. And more than what meets the eye.

His world revolves around his kids.

This pandemic has made him realize the essence of bonding but with still something to do, like a business.

Two heads, as they say, even more are better than one. So, with his partner Camille Velasco and friends Terenz, Jerome and Bogs, they got this place along Morato Avenue (very near ABS-CBN) and turned it into a state-of-the-art bar, called GSide!

It’s that big chandelier which got my attention when 3:16 Media Network Manager Len Carillo invited dome members of the press and her wards to see and enjoy the place.

Observing strict IATF protocols, like social distancing and wearing of face masks, bouncers were all over the place to remind each and everyone to do what should be followed.

The sound was superb. With the reliable DJ to bring you to your feet to dance to the beat. And the delectable taste of the food which overflowed as well as the drinks were something that one will truly enjoy.

Very soon, GSide will be the hotspot this side of the Metro as partners Kiko and Camille promise to bring out a different kind of fun for their clientele.

Have Kiko and Camille found the True North of their lives? The direction they are gearing towards promises entertainment, fun, camaraderie set to be experienced when all will be back to normal!

Visit them now! Get cozy! Experience what we have enjoyed with the GSide Family! (30)

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