BY: Pilar Mateo

BORN ON THE DAY of LOVE, Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino, the Multi-Media Queen never neglects taking care of herself and her health for that matter before the special day comes.

Here she is, where she shared her day at the hospital for her blood tests.

Do you wanna see? Regular blood tests.

But accidents happen, too. Home remedy after an accident. The PIG/BOAR born Kris should really be wary and attentive to her surroundings now.

“My regular blood tests are done either by Cardinal Santos or Medical City… it’s weird because majority of my doctors in the 🇵🇭 practice in St Luke’s Global or Asian- but because of where we used to live (Greenmeadows in QC), Alvin befriended the people in the laboratory departments in the 2 nearby hospitals & it’s safe to say 75% of my blood work ups are still done by staff from Medical City.

“My doctors asked me to have my blood panel done to reassure all of us that I’m healthy enough to travel for my beach wellness break because we’re going somewhere that doesn’t have access to the same type of facilities that the hospitals I mentioned have.

“Do not swipe to the last picture if you are squeamish about blood- i think this was Sunday, i soaked in the tub, put my diluted essential oils, and pasensya na kung weird- nag obey, nag lagay ng malaking uncut rose quartz BECAUSE it’s supposed to help the skin heal (apart from losing my voice, i had an urticaria flare)… dagdagan na natin ang masamang dulot ng too much googling, my nurse was also playing the Tibetan singing bowl para daw mawala ang lahat ng negativity so I’ll “heal” faster.

“So I got out after 15 minutes, nag shampoo, used a mild shower foaming cleanser, then got out to dry myself- oh my, my left foot was covered in blood.

“I swear, i didn’t feel kung nagasgas or tumama sa rose quartz, i also didn’t notice anything was wrong when i was in the shower. We showed my doctor & i missed daw the vein by less than 1/2 an inch or else nasa ER na ko. This pic was already after nalinis yung cuts with CUTASEPT but before the FUCIDIN.

“Moral of the story- awat na muna sa rose quartz & tigilan ko na muna yung mga Tibetan singing bowls… Start na ng Year of the Ox- here’s to a healthier year for all of us.

“See you tonight, LIVE here on FB at 7 PM for my @shopee_ph #lovelovelove & matchmaking event. @ Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila.”

AND SHE and her two boys are choosing to stay again near the sea very soon! (30)

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