BY: Pilar Mateo

IT WON’T be far. One of these days, actor Xian Lim, may not be the pilot of a helicopter, but not impossible that he may get to own one.

In the meantime, while there’s still the pandemic and projects on camera are still hard to come by, Xian does another dream he loves to do: Directing.

I was invited to attend a presentation of a newly born network marketing company. And having watched the videos of the activities by the President, the CEO, COO and other important people in the group, I was surprised to know that Xian took the videos on their trip to Bagac, Bataan, in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and some.

Soon, Xian will also endorse the products that the group will introduce to the market.

I am impressed by the names of the people behind the new multi-level marketing that will be introduced soon after its soft launch last November 2019.

Artopian. From the Greek word “artos”, the bread of life.

The President is a young gentleman from the North by the name of Christian Singson. It does not just ring a bell! Who is not familiar with the surname? He is the youngest son of former Ilocos Sur Governor, Manong Chavit Singson.

Established and conceptualized during the pandemic, Artopian is the “baby” of the groups of companies already existing like in gaming, real estate, construction, tech company and aviation.

Christian’s vision and mission is aimed at helping people and sharing the products that can help and boost the well-being of everyone, too.

On February 9, 2021, the Artopian products that will be in the network marketing basket will include Arto Fit Coffee, Arto Boost Juice Mix, Cell Aid Food Supplement, Deity White Glutathione Capsule and Deity Stem Cell Serum.

Xian will host the contract signing of the endorsers that will include the Miss World candidates and stars from the different networks.

Artopian Network Marketing introduces a goal- driven and results-oriented platform that is far from the get rich quick promises of the rest.

They have their office at the 2nd floor of Lancaster Hotel along Shaw Boulevard where you will be served with VIP treatment by the staff, the coaches, partners and even the big bosses of the company.

The Artopian Leadership boasts of Christian Singson, Chief Operating Officer; Teofanis T. Encallado, President; Oliver Ocampo, Chief Executive Officer; Official Speaker and Grand Upline Allan Gaurino and the people who introduced me to the business, Rommel Silvestre (USA) and Ronel Cantos.

Artopian is a multi-level marketing company and part of the One Monarchy Holdings Group, a business conglomerate involved in the real estate, construction, gaming, entertainment, aviation and technology sector.

One Monarchy continues to look for business opportunities that uplift the lives of its various stakeholders who form part of its entrepreneurial ventures. Artopian signals its serious committed entry into the multi-level marketing business.

Artopian seeks to bring about a human-centered focus into the marketing sector, by further enhancing the selling skills of its leaders, associates and networks and introducing and exposing them to longer term investment and business opportunities, while inculcating in them the responsible, family-oriented consumption habits and lifestyles that will assure them witb sustainable lives.

That is what Artopian is!

The mission is to serve as a paradigm shifting vehicle that seeks to transform and elevate the image of the multi-level marketing business into a respected, dynamic, responsible and professional economic ecosystems to its various stakeholders.

And the vision is committed to provide products that address the health, personal care and well-being of its core consumer base, through the professional and personal services of its multi level marketing associates, networks, officers and staff while operating in a mutually beneficial, fulfilling, enriching, fun-filled and transparent environment.

I have had the experience of doing networking with travel as the base product. And I thought, I was done.

This time, because it is about health and well-being, I am making myself a part of Artopian and committing myself to be molded as I enjoy the journey to make us all succeed.

Sama na kayo!

Xian might not be the pilot and flying his own helicopter. But one day soon, he will be riding in it, with his wife and kids into greater heights of being in Artopia!

May I have the pleasure of inviting you all to one of its business presentation, any time soon?


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