BY: Pilar Mateo

WHO WOULDN’T FEEL so happy for actress Ara Mina?

When finally, she’s swept off her feet by her real knight in shining armor in the person of Dave Almarinez, PITC (Philippine International Trading Corporation) President and CEO, Undersecretary.

Soon, wedding bells will be ringing as Dave proposed to Ara in front of her closest friends and relatives in San Pedro, Laguna.

I was one of those media friends who’ve been close to Ara, witnessing the loves which came in and out of her life.

A beautiful person inside and out, Ara’s dream was just to have a happy and complete family. Knowing how prayerful she is, her wishes have finally been granted.

Now, it can be said that there are two more less lonely people in the world.

Two years of knowing each other, living life on the same page, with God in the center, how else can this soon to be married life go wrong?

All her friends can only wish the best for Ara and her beau!


FOR A LONG TIME, I was able to get to know the real Chen Sarte, back in the days when she and Aiza Seguerra were so in love with each other.

I was so very lucky to be able to know them both, inside and out, although since her “Eat…Bulaga!” stint as a child wonder, we’ve already known the Acoustic Singer who rose to fame via her “Pagdating ng Panahon”.

Times changed. Situations revolved. Life was never the same again.

As far as their love life is concerned, they separated ways. Only to find the one meant to be in their lives in this lifetime.

Aiza, who later on took on the name of Ice found again his Muse, in the person of Liza Diño, our indefatigable FDCP (Film Development Council of the Philippines) Chairman.

I witnessed their beach wedding. The friendship flourished all the more.

Chen led a quiet life. But every now and then, I would see the posts she shares in her social media platform.

Like Ice, she has found the love of her life.

They are just so quiet about it. Also, a very hard-working servant of the people is the one who keeps Chen’s world beautiful, Janella Ejercito.

It just is so sweet to share them to all.

“Painting our little world together, one color at a time.. 💚

“Everyday is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, pray, smile and move forward.. Hello, 2021.. 😊 We ready for you..”

Chen’s message to Janella, “For keeping my heart happy and safe, for your unbelievable understanding and selflessness, for your patience and kindness, for putting up with my everything and choosing to stay, for loving and respecting all those who i love the most, thank you…

“I know that our love isn’t the loudest and cheesiest, but it definitely is the most strongest and constant..

“You are the greatest blessing anyone can ask for my Marie.. Happy 8th Anniversary, Mahal ko… 🤍”



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