BY: Pilar Mateo

EDITH FIDER shared this post for her daughter Christi. Christi is an upcoming singer who brought us the bubble gum pop song “Teka, Teka, Teka.” Edith was responsible for sharing with us the life of Father Fernando Suarez, “The Healing Priest”, via a movie top-billed by John Arcilla.


“She never had a birthday celebration of her own since the day she was born. Her special day is always shared with the Almighty, having born on the Feastday of the Black Nazarene. Some even call her Nazarena!

“Funny but she seems to be enjoying sharing the celebration with Christ, her namesake. Having Catholic education all throughout, it was always a holiday on her birthday, especially in UST. She would celebrate it with the Braceros in Villa España who has an annual devotion to the Black Nazarene. Special Mass is offered after procession, then fellowship attended by all of us with her friends in the church. Ang saya instant party palagi, di ba?

“When Pope Francis visited the Philippines in January 2015, she volunteered to serve being her birthmonth. She had the opportunity to see him upclose and held his hand. She was so blessed indeed!

“I remember that for her 18th birthday, she wanted a really fabulous extravagant celebration, and we obliged because she had never celebrated formally anyway. But she changed her mind just in time for the preparations. She said she’s been so blessed with everything in life and that she doesn’t need the party. Instead, she chose to celebrate with the less priviledged. With the street children in an orphanage. She had a whole day of fun with them. She learned to share her blessings.

“Now is her “new normal” way to celebrate. Hearing mass in Quiapo online. Staying home with just us and greeted by her bestest in life (kuya’s gf, Ate Bab, her kambal, and her sisig). She is happy that way! She donated to our charity in Bicol and Cagayan that’s why!

“I am so proud of my “not so spoiled” brat. She is so grounded. She finds pleasure in giving and living simply so others may simply live.


After reading she came to my room… “mama, kulang naman ng “PRETTIEST” yung greeting mo!” hehehe…

The birth of a beautiful daughter. Enjoying the awesome life she was brought into.


WHO DOESN’T REMEMBER THE Singer, Ray-An Fuentes?

His and his band’s songs gave us songs that became the them songs of our lives.

Ray-An spent his and his family’s saddest Christmas when his beloved Mei-Ling passed away.

Here is Ray-An’s heartfelt letter to his everything.


“Something “hit” me the first time I heard the mention of your name! I thought it was the most beautiful name I have ever heard!

“I was with a band called Fourth Congregation at that time in the early 70’s playing at Wells Fargo. We alternated with the New Minstrels. You came to Wells because you were being recruited to replace someone. That was when I heard your name and that you were at the club. I desperately wanted to put a face to that name but they said you left. I ran to the door to see if I could still catch a glimpse of you. But what I could see was your back as you walked back to Rino’s to sing with your group Sangkatutak.

“Fast forward. The Minstrels were playing at Siete Pecados and Circus, my group at that time, was playing below at Lost Horizon disco (at the then Philippine Plaza Hotel). Every once in a while I would see you guys watching us play. And every once in a while we would get to see each other at the lobby. I don’t quite remember why, but what I remember was you would always give me a peck on the lips every time we would bump into each other.

“Was that your manager’s way of “recruiting” me? Were you the “bait”? Because it worked! Because how on earth would someone like me whose favorite music genres are jazz, funk and R&B get to join a group that sings Buhat and Balut? But joined I did.

“I remembered in one of our tours that I went to your room to nervously tell you how much I liked you! I remember “stealing” flowers at the hotel lobby and ask the housekeeper to put the flowers on your bed. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was singing with you! We would often be paired with each other.

“And then, against all odds, we got married. I say against all odds because, in reality, we were opposites in terms of personality. But the good Lord gave us amazing grace to last 41 years. And two wonderful, gifted and talented sons and an amazing daughter.

“The longer we lasted, the older we got, the deeper my love for you got. You supported me in the ministry that God gave me and you sacrificed a lot in order for me to do what God called me to do. I remember you saying that one Sunday, during tithes and offering

time, you “offered” me to the Lord because you didn’t have money at the time.

“The best times in those ministry tours was having you with me. Your presence meant a lot. I remember that after a gospel concert I would be slumped at the back and you would come to me and hug me and it felt I got recharged.

“But now, all that is gone. God called you home. It is not what I wanted. I still wanted to grow much older with you and last much longer than 41 years.

“Your presence may no longer be here (very difficult that I don’t have a katabi in bed every time I go to sleep), and I will no longer see the image of you coming down the stairs every morning and you wave at me with that beauty queen wave. And before you make your coffee, you come to where I am to kiss me. And as we always do, kiss, hug and say I love you before I go up to go to bed. Every time.

“I may struggle to recapture some of our times together because my memory sometimes doesn’t serve me right. But your name will linger on because I think your name – MEI-LING – is still the most beautiful name I have ever heard.”

The death of a loving wife. Remembering the beautiful moments she has lived in her lifetime.


BETWEEN BIRTH AND DEATH, we are given a life. To cherish. To collect so many memories.

We’ve always been told just how short life is. That in a single second, everything can change.

All we can do is appreciate all that we have. In the here. The now. As we prepare our journey back Home…

Two beautifully written letters. From the heart…


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