BY: Pilar Mateo

EVERY now and then, the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino lets us in on the things that are happening in her and her family’s everyday lives.

She posts the pictures she and her boys take.

“This was taken a few days ago… my 2 visited our friends, the Pineda family in Pampanga- kuya is back in Tarlac (he really LOVES it there) and yesterday i went to check on some houses in Bataan- the development is beautiful BUT the houses nearer the beach are way beyond my budget…

“So i just had a lovely merienda w/ @mylynpc & her family… i’m so grateful they really treat bimb like 1 of their own & i’m secure letting bimb stay over w/ them for a few days when he needs to breathe fresh air & just be a regular 13 year old bonding w/ other kids close to his age.”

Living their lives with a happy heart is the operative word for the family.

“Before heading home, bumalik kami sa Bataan, I’m pretty sure “Orani”- ang gandang bundok na may rainforest all around tapos may view ka na ng Manila. Malamig & super fresh air… kung may cell signal lang, i would love to live there because feeling ko I’d be so much healthier.

“Uunahan ko na, yes tumangkad na naman si Bimb. The 2 boys (we all do) take ImmunPro na vitamin C w/ zinc. And they still drink milk every morning. The 2 sa dulo (Jane & @checkticsay w/ Nurse Eloi) are w/ Bimb and me in NCR, the 3 others are w/ kuya (manang Tina has been with @boss1020’s family, before we were born) in Tarlac. #lifeupdate.

But there are times when the cloudy days seem to dim a bit of their wonderful life. Especially if it concerns the health of the Matriarch.

“I’ll point it out, my left eyeball is much bigger & protrudes more visibly than my right, that’s an indication my autoimmune thyroiditis is acting up… I can’t do vigorous exercises but I read up on a few breathing & morning meditation I can try while working myself up to going back to a regular yoga practice.

“Yes, #maypinaghahandaan. 😘”

Knowing Kris, she will bounce back sooner than soonest!



Maxene Magalona and her husband Rob Mananquil have found their corner of the sky in Bali, Indonesia.

Every now and then, Maxx shares the life they live in the island.

“If you don’t invite God to be your summer guest, He won’t come in the winter of your life.” — Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of A Yogi 🙏🏼

“One of the most important changes that happened in my life this year was the way I connected to and strengthened my relationship with God. I used to pray just for the sake of it or only when I was going through tough times.

“Before coming to Bali, I had already been praying more often and asking for guidance especially after I was diagnosed with a mental health condition. When the pandemic happened, I prayed even harder and just kept connecting to Him as I could really feel stronger and more peaceful after every prayer. My husband and I even began practicing a local tradition called “canang sari” wherein the Balinese people make a daily offering of flowers, incense and a bit of food on a tray of palm leaves as a sign of their spiritual devotion.

“Personally, I’ve been dedicating my mornings as a sacred ritual to Our Creator. As soon as I wake up, I do my morning practice of yoga and meditation and right before I end, I sincerely say a heartfelt prayer. I thank Him for the gift of life, apologize for my shortcomings and humbly ask for guidance, strength and resilience for whatever challenges may come my way. I lift up my morning practice to Him as a sign of my gratitude and devotion and earnestly ask Him to protect my loved ones, bless and heal those who need it most and help the whole world recover. This daily ritual has become my sacred offering to Him.

“2020 has definitely been one of the most difficult and challenging years but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I never thought that I would ever become prayerful or devotional and yet here I am, finding peace and strength through the power of prayer. 🙏🏼

“This year has shown me the importance of deepening our relationship with God not only when we are going through a storm but also when the sun is brightly shining. 🌤✨💕”

Namaste! (30)

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